Sunday, September 01, 2013

Dog Days of Summer Comics Reviews

How's that for a snappy post title? Huh? What? Yeah, I think it kinda sucks, too. On to the reviews!

Just three this week. Or rather, for last week, but as usual, I'm late posting them.

Miss Fury 5
This ends, sorta, the first story/arc/whatever and sets up the next one. The time travel tale is apparently wrapped up, leaving a mystery: did the man Marla love never exist? Or did her time traveling change history so they never met? Or something else entirely? The timey whimey stuff was a bit dizzying, but this book has a nice pulp feel and has so far, been entertaining.

Captain Marvel 15
This apparently ties in with events elsewhere that I haven't read nor plan to seek out, so a lot was lost on me or fell into the category of "I don't really care." And while the story does follow up on how Carol's memory was affected by the events of the previous issue, that aspect felt a bit flat and uninteresting to me. As with much of DC in the last few years, event and tie-in stories where I'm interested in reading only a few of the involved titles makes for disjointed reading. I can appreciate tying in the various elements of a comic book universe, but if you're not reading all the books, it tends to be unsatisfying. Ah well.

Lazarus 3
This is a dark, gritty science fiction comic and I'm loving it! Lots of political maneuvering among Eve's family and their sworn enemy, as Eve's father has sent her to negotiate a ceasefire with the Morray family. Not everyone in either family, it seems, wants to change the status quo, which puts Eve in a very tenuous position. Michael Lark's art is a perfect complement to Greg Rucka's writing, and I like the little summary provided in the inside cover to remind us what's going on.

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