Monday, September 30, 2013

Late Reviews as Usual

Saga 14
Saga is easily my favorite comic these days, from the snappy dialogue to the simple yet beautiful art, Vaughan and Staples really deliver the goods. In this issue, we meet Alana's somewhat ditzy stepmother who once went to camp with her! and we learn more about Mr. Heist, writer of the book that brought Alana and Marko together. There's also a ritual that's, uh, well, it's rather visual and quite bizarre, which so much of this wonderful book is, so I won't spoil it. It's these little moments, though, that really make the book stand out. The journey all the characters are on, the emotions that fill each page, make this comic worthy of every award, every accolade it gets.

Jupiter's Legacy 3
I really am on the hump re: this book. I want to like it. I want to love it. Because, art by Frank Quitely. But there's an ugliness to it, and while I don't mind and usually enjoy dark themes, I'm not really enjoying this for some reason. I'll give it at least six issues, but so far, most of the characters are petty, annoying, and outright obnoxious, not to mention possibly evil. Yes, a lot of people are weak-minded and would act this way, but with so much time between issues and a steady, relentless darkening of the story, I really don't see the point because after three issues, not much is actually happening, other than the corruption of Brandon who ends up committing patricide. Will his sister Chloe be able to fight the good fight? I hope so, but right now, she's seriously outnumbered and on the run. I have no idea Millar is taking this, but I have concerns that it's not somewhere I want to go with him.

Miss Fury 6
Time and alternate realities continue to be a theme and plot device as Miss Fury tries to find her lover, Capt. Chandler, who no longer seems to exist in the reality to which she returned from the future. And in the new reality, she isn't quite herself, or rather, there's another Marla Drake, one who never met Capt. Chandler and never became Miss Fury. There's little I enjoy more than some mind-boggling, wibbly wobbly time travel stories.

Astro City 4
In this single-issue story, we meet super-powered folks who stay on the sidelines. For various reasons, from not wanting to be heroes to not being skilled enough with their powers, they use their abilities in other ways. The main character, Martha Sullivan, provides the narration. She uses her abilities to help make movie magic, but a sinister guy calling himself the Majordomo kidnaps her and others to force them to use their abilities to further his goals. They take exception to that. A fun look at the other side of superpower-dom.

Fairest 19
I've never been good at the whole recapping the story for a review bit, so I'll just say that this reworking of fairy tales, myths, and legends continues to appeal.


  1. Saga is, and continues to be...phenomenal. You really end up caring about the characters, the art is wonderful, and I can hardly wait for the next issue to come out.

    Fairest has been pretty good too.

    1. It sure is nice to have some comics to look forward to, isn't it? :)