Friday, September 06, 2013

More on the Batwoman Kerfluffle

I am very pleased to have used "kerfluffle" in the title of this post.

Here's what Dan DiDio had to say on Twitter about the nixing of Kate and Maggie's marriage in Batwoman.

I really am without words to respond to this, so I'll let you read it in all it's non-glory.


  1. That was...weird. Did you notice that his answers to those outraged tweets really didn't have much to do with what the original tweeter actually said? It was as though he had a stock collection of "clever" retorts, and just pulled them out and used them at random.

    I honestly can't understand what the heck is going on over at DC lately. The drain of talent has been enormous, not to mention the generally nasty tactics on the part of the DC bigwigs. Firing people by texting? Making snide remarks about Eisner winners and their lack of talent?

    I love the characters at DC. But I do not love DC much anymore.

    1. Yeah, you're right. It's like he lives in his own universe. Either that, or he's just tone deaf to how the readers feel. I think things started going downhill when Paul Levitz stepped down. It's like the inmates took over the asylum.

  2. Losing both Levitz and Karen Berger were heavy blows for DC. And incidentally, the word a perfectly cromulent word.