Saturday, October 12, 2013

NYCC Day 2

Day 2 of NYCC, for me, was short, only a few hours as I got there late in the afternoon. I do only the show floor and Artists Alley, so that was sufficient, especially since there wasn't a big DC presence in the dealers room, and not much from Marvel, either. There were plenty of lines at booths with top name folks autographing, and the usual crowds, though not as bad as the weekend will be. I didn't see much by way of new toys, either, but I didn't get to every toy booth. Still, with stores like KidRobot and Forbidden Planet in NYC, I don't need to find things at the con.

I did take pics of some wonderful cosplayers -- I wish I could snap pics of them all! -- and I had some nice chats with a few artists, especially Ron Randall and Joe Staton. Paul Levitz was at Joe's table, so we had a nice little chat, the three of us, about Helena Wayne, the Huntress I prefer. I love the Helena Bertinelli version, but there's something special about the original.

So, all in all, a nice afternoon. Here are some pics.

Ron Randall

Trevor McCarthy

Joe Staton

Paul Levitz

Jimmy Palmiotti

Cat Staggs

Kelly Sue Deconnick
I didn't get to chat with Kelly Sue Deconnick or get her autograph because the line was very long and my legs don't like me standing still for too long. But I was able to snap her photo.



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