Thursday, October 17, 2013

On the Question of Diversity in Comics

Here's one reason why DC might be losing the public relations war to Marvel. The way DC handles these questions at cons -- and by now, they should be expecting this questions and be better prepared -- shows a company on the defensive and not liking it. They might be selling comics with their big event story arcs and controversial reboots and big name character deaths and similar moves that seemed designed to gain attention rather than fit some actual character and story development, but they're alienating a lot of readers, myself included. Why can't the PTB at DC just get it and start respecting all readers and potential readers? You'd think it would be an easy thing.


  1. While Marvel certainly isn't blameless, I do have to agree that DC just seems to be going out of its way to offend people needlessly. When they pull these shenanigans, how can they seriously NOT expect people to wonder and question them?

    It would really be nice if they could find an adult or someone to gently put them back on track.

    1. Heh heh. Yeah. I didn't attend it, but Marvel had a panel of female creators at least one con, so they're at least trying to reach out.