Sunday, December 22, 2013

Past Due Reviews

I've waited so long to review some of these, I've forgotten what they're about, so I'll be flipping through as I type so I can refresh my memory.

World's Finest 18
Power Girl is still struggling with her unpredictable powers. As for the art, it's not bad, but it doesn't suit PG and Huntress. I'm mostly reading this now for their friendship.

Nightwing 26
Dick is settling into his new home and a mysterious and attractive costumed mimic catches his attention. This has the feel of a comic from decades ago. Nothing special, but the story has just begun, so we'll see how long I stick with this. I suspect the book's best days are behind it, at least for my taste.

Saga 16-17
Wowzers! The domestic scenes in the Heist home are precious, a possessed Sophie turns on The Will, and we finally get caught up to the point where Prince Robot IV showed up at Heist's. Then the reporters run into The Brand who gives them a compelling reason to not report what they know. And when Gwendolyn and Lying Cat show up to find Marko so he can save The Will with a healing spell, well, things get a lot worse. The next issue can't come out fast enough.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 26
Jason, Kori, and Roy are reunited, Jason takes back his memories, and apparently, giving them up was part of a plan, which makes sense and wasn't a total surprise to me. This epic story of a war between the League of Assassins, the Untitled, and the All-Caste has been rather enjoyable, though I know a lot of people don't like it. When Tynion finishes this story, which is rather dark, Will Pfeifer will be taking over the book and it should get lighter, but I happen to like dark stories as well as lighter fare, so I'll miss Tynion, because he really gets what makes these characters tick, but I like Pfeifer's writing, so I'm looking forward to reading his take on this cast of misfits. But first, we have next issue's big showdown.

Hawkeye 14
A Kate Bishop tale. When she's hanging with Clint, she's reasonably responsible, but on her own, she's just like Clint, getting into fixes for the right reasons, but without the common sense possessed by a gnat. Which makes for entertaining stories. Cut off and needing money while in LA, she places a Hero for Hire ad and ends up looking for her neighbors' missing orchids and getting into trouble. Much fun and plenty of action follows. I'm really enjoying the alternating Clint and Kate stories; it helps keep the book fresh as well as different than the average costumed crimefighter title.

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