Friday, June 06, 2014

What I Read Since My Last Post of Reviews

Another eclectic batch of reviews.

Ms. Marvel 4
You'd think getting shot would be bad enough, but after recovering swiftly from that, Kamala's life gets even more complicated. After confiding in her friend Bruno and getting a more practical outfit, she sets out, despite being grounded, to help Bruno's brother, only to end up facing yet more trouble. A fun book keeps getting more fun.

Astro City 12
A cautionary tale about a human wolf who tries to give up a life of crime. A self-contained story. Nothing surprising, but well done.

Black Widow 7
I'm at the point where I don't know what to make of this book. It seems even more minimalist than Hawkeye. Noto's art is stunning as always, but not much seems to happen. Natasha's latest case goes south, and while trying to squeeze intell out of the guy who tried to kill her, Daredevil shows up. Apparently, they were an item once (I haven't read much Marvel) and he's disappointed in her, that she'd use violence to get answers. They have words, she leaves, and she goes off to her next stop. Meanwhile, Isiah feeds her cat and deals with his sister who worries about him working with Natasha. I'll keep reading for the art, alone, but I wouldn't mind some more happening each issue.

A new book from Image. Image is one of those comics publishers -- maybe the only one -- that, if they have a new title, I'm inclined to give it a try. Kyle Higgins and Alex Siegel are writing this creator-owned title, with Rod Reis on art chores. COWL is set in 1962 and is an acronym for Chicago Organized Workers League. I'm not sure how that name fits the team of super-powered folks who work for COWL and protect the city against evil-doers, in a rather organized fashion, dividing the city up into sections with assigned teams to keep watch. There's a good '60s vibe with the men being men (and on occasion, jerks) and with one woman on the team, or at least, just one seen so far. It's got promise, especially if it works in some social commentary.

Miss Fury 10-11
This brings the series to an end. It's weird having it end on issue 11 instead of 12, and I wonder if that was intended or they got an early cancellation. In any case, given all the twists and turns leading up to issue 10, the last two issues do feel a bit rushed, but the ending was mostly satisfying. A pretty decent time travel tale all around, with some really lovely art. I hope they do a collected volume of all 11 issues.


  1. Ms Marvel has been simply delightful. I wasn't going to get it at first, but heard all kinds of wonderful things about it...that are true!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I'll refrain from saying "Told you so!" :)