Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reviews from A to V

Only one comic this week, but a bunch from the last week or so. Here, in brief, is what I thought of them.

Astro City 15
A satisfying conclusion to Ellie's story, including her history in flashback that makes me want to see more with her.

Black Widow 10
The past comes back to bite Natasha, Hawkeye guest stars, and her lawyer, Isaiah, is being held captive and being tortured by a mystery woman. The story is okay, but it's Noto's art that keeps me getting this book.

Captain Marvel 7
Back on her ship, and it looks like Rocket might be right, about Carol's cat. Any book is elevated with the addition of Rocket Raccoon. Not that this book needed the help. But it's nice to have it.

Hawkeye 20
Kate learns a hard truth about her father, but first, she needs to get back to NY and save Cliff's life. I love how the two storylines are finally merging.

Fairest 29
I really like Reynard, but he's really an idiot. I doubt anyone could misread a situation as completely as he has. But the story that shines in this issue is that of the Owl and the Pussycat. It's so sweet how much Owl will do for the Cat he loves.

Lazarus 11
A new story begins, focusing on a brewing battle between families. With Jonah Carlyle a prisoner of the Hock family, the Carlyle patriarch wants a family conclave, something he's been steadily and secretly working on making happen. Meanwhile, Forever starts wondering about her parentage. The plot, as "they" say, thickens. After Saga, this is my favorite book.

Legendary Star Lord 3
Peter wakes up a prisoner after being drugged by a woman he met in a bar. How cliche, Peter! But no prison can hold Peter, so an escape is in order! Fun stuff.

Ms. Marvel 8
Kamala gets a new dog and they continue her hunt for the Inventor. I don't think I could love this book more.

Shutter 6
Kate, her newfound younger brother, and her talking cat robot are on the run from the demons hunting her. And then things get complicated. A weird, quirky, fun book.

Terminal Hero 2
A dying man gets an experimental treatment for his brain tumor, but the treatment causes hallucinations and gives him super powers. Now a shadowy organization wants him to use those powers to assassinate badguys. Sounds intriguing, right? I thought so. But somehow, I'm not feeling it. I'll probably give it another issue, but it's so far, just falling flat for me.

Velvet 7
I guess this is my third favorite book, after Saga and Lazarus, and it's no coincidence all are Image Comics titles. Image has been nothing short of awesome in their variety and quality of comics. This issue is told from the perspective of the agent pursuing Velvet, and it's a nice insight into how the book's protagonist is viewed by her colleagues and peers. I like when books mix things up. Brubaker is doing a wonderful job with this Cold War spy series.


  1. The Owl and the Pussycat were indeed adorable. And I'm breathlessly awaiting more from Clint and Kate.

    But for some reason, my beloved Comic Book Store didn't have the latest issue of Ms. Marvel...and it's killing me!

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM EDT

      No Ms. Marvel? Horrors! --Shelly (I still can't post comments under my Google account. Maybe I'll try doing it on my phone.)