Friday, March 06, 2015

Some Comics I Read

Ah.... I've got pre-season baseball (Mets) on the TV, the window is open, the sun is shining.... there might truly be an end to this seemingly endless winter. At least I've had plenty of comics to curl up with.

Harley Quinn 15
Harley gets a visit from Ivy who helps her deal with her over-extended schedule, by suggesting she advertise for help. No good can come of this, but we need to wait for the next issue for that. In this one, Harley goes full hero to save people in a burning building. The usual, fluffy, fun.

Gotham Academy 5
Olive uncovers some secrets that only pose more questions in this fun, quirky book.

Legenderry Green Hornet 1
I'm not going to read all the Legenderry spinoffs, but I decided to try this, having liked this take on the character in the Legenderry mini-series despite never really liking the character previously. Green Hornet and Kato work well in a steampunk realm though not much happens in this first issue, which is mostly setup for some sort of gang warfare story. Daryl Gregory does well enough with Bill Willingham's realm and Brent Peeples does a nice job on art. Not great, but not bad, so I'll keep reading.

Legenderry Red Sonja 1
The star of the Legenderry mini-series tries to enjoy a visit in the Big City, but events and people conspire to make that difficult for her. This spinoff has the advantage of being written by Marc Andreyko who has proved himself more than capable in the past at writing strong female characters and the art by Aneke is nice, though more in keeping with the look of the current Red Sonja books than the Legenderry mini. Whatever is going on here, I want to know more, which is a good thing, so, a promising start.

Saga 26
Noooo! How could it end the way it did and make me wait a whole month for the next chapter?! Few comics deliver emotional sucker punches the way this book does. With Marko separated from his wife and daughter and partnered with Prince IV, while Alana, Hazel, and Marko's mom deal with Dengo and a band of terrorists, no one is in a good place. And then, things get worse. Damn, I love this book. It's a rare comic that gets me this emotionally involved.


  1. Saga is one of those books where I would be perfectly happy to just see Alana washing her hair for the entire thing, because it would still be awesome.

    Gotham Academy is a fun little book, and I really ought to be picking up Harley.

    1. One of the things I love about Harley is that it's easy to pretend it's not part of DC's continuity, or that's it takes place on an alternate Earth. It's just that bizarre.