Thursday, May 28, 2015

Slew of Reviews

When I fall behind, I really fall behind. Reviews in reverse order read.

Copperhead 7
The sheriff (for some reason, I keep forgetting her name) goes on a date and it doesn't end well. Bad guys attack. Don't you hate when that happens? This quirky space western might not be great, but it's entertaining.

This is ending next issue, which is a shame because it's attempting something different, an intriguing spin on the standard superhero genre, focusing on unionized heroes in an era when women had to work four times as hard as a man to get recognition.

Legenderry Green Hornet 4
In this penultimate issue of the steampunk version of the Green Hornet, the Hornet and Kato have teamed up with a female version of himself out for vengeance against their mutual enemy. Not as good as the Bill Willingham adventure that started it all, but a pleasant diversion none the less.

Shutter 12
Kate's reunion with the mother she thought dead doesn't go well, since Mom isn't human and the plans she has for Kate involves world domination. The end of issue, which turns out to be the end of the first act, is a game changer, and the epilogue genuinely surprised me.

Captain Marvel 15
Carol's return home is a good, old-fashioned tearjerker as she arrives too late. Her friend and mentor Tracy has already died, and the issue is a celebration of Tracy's life. A truly moving character piece.

Saga 28
I hate hate hate having Marko and Alana separated, but it does make for exciting storytelling. Things are going from bad to worse, and little Hazel is a pawn in the mess Alana is in. Damn, I love this comic, but it sure fills me with anxiety. Hazel is narrating, so I know she survives, but what about her parents? Her grandmother? The Will? This book is a damn emotional rollercoaster.

Ms. Marvel 15
Now that her first love has gone sour, Kamala must escape the clutches of the not-so-nice Inhumans. Fun stuff in one of Marvel's best books.

Legendary Star-Lord 12
I read this long enough ago to have forgotten the details, but the story involved Peter's half-sister and their father's frozen body. Truly, Peter is more fun when he's with the rest of the Guardians.

Descender 3
TIM-21, on the brink of his data being lost, is repaired and found by his maker. Only, during the time his systems were failing, he seemed to meet the harvested and discarded 'bots in some other worldly realm. Is it real? Can AIs dream? This is an intriguing science fiction series. I'm not sure I know what's going on, but I'm eager for each new revelation.

The Big Con Job 3
One issue left to this tale of aging actors on the con circuit who are convinced to pull off a big theft at SDCC. This issue involves the planning of the heist, and a wrinkle our wannabe thieves don't know about. Fun stuff.

Bitch Planet 4
Kamau, one of the inmates at the prison for non-compliant women, prepares for competition in the male sport called Megaton. There's the obligatory shower scene female prison stories are known for, with a twist, of course. This book might be in-your-face feminism, but it's so necessary today as misogyny seems to be everywhere. And as with everything that gets exaggerated for fiction, it makes a point, ore a few of them, that women are people, too. Feminism is not about women wanting to beat down men. It's not about being or wanting to be superior. It's about equality, something too many men, and women, don't seem to get. This is an important book.

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