Friday, June 12, 2015

Shipload of Comics

There's a commercial that when it airs on a cable network, uses the phrased "shipload of..." and when it airs on network TV, it uses the phrase "boatload." That tickles me no end, hence the title for this review post.

Astro City 23
Chapter 1 about an intelligent gorilla called Sticks who just wants to drum for a rock 'n' roll band. The writing on this is so strong, you'll believe Sticks really exists.

The Big Con Job 4
The concluding chapter of this heist caper tale doesn't disappoint. Not an earth-shattering story, but one with lots of heart and plenty of warm fuzzies.

Black Widow 18
Natasha finds her way home, then goes off to find herself. A small gem of a comic.

Broken World 1
I thought I'd give this near future Earth story a try. A giant asteroid is about to hit Earth and humanity is escaping to arks in orbit that will soon take off for safety. But not everyone can get a pass to one of the arks in this mostly setup introduction. Prof. Elena Marlowe is one of them who can't due to some secret in her past and her attempts to hide her identity don't pan out. This shows promise, so I'll stick with it for now.

Chrononauts 3-4
Corbin and Danny have not only screwed around the timestream, they're also screwed, themselves. But Corbin's got a plan to save them both. This mini-series was a fun romp, but also a bit too much "boys will be boys." Most of the time, I just wanted to smack 'em both upside their head.

Copperhead 8
I have no idea what's going on in this book's second story, but the deputy's been taken hostage and bad things are afoot. An entertaining if odd book.

Descender 4
Dr. Quon has patched up little boy bot Tim-21, but the UGC ship they're on is attacked by a squid ship (yeah, I'm not following all this perfectly, either) and for some reason, the squids really want to get their tentacles on Tim-21. So, the mystery deepens. An oddly appealing book.

Gotham Academy 7
Guest-starring Damian Wayne. Does more need to be said? But I'll say it, anyway. Fun stuff.

Harley Quinn 17
Harley's team of Harleys go into action and Harley convinces the mayor to let them play vigilantes. Or is he just pretending? This is one crazy fun book.

Why yes, I do sometimes take a selfie.

Me in a Harley Mask with Some Comics

Legenderry Red Sonja 4
I've decided I much prefer steampunk Red Sonja to the actual Red Sonja. And the battle with Dr. Frankenstein is not going well.

Red Hood Arsenal 1
Well, that's an awkward title. Roy is playing vigilante on his own, trying to keep safe a Washington fixer who's trying to broker an exchange in the middle of nowhere and things don't go as planned. The story is decent enough, the fixer, Tara Battleworth, is a fun character (power fixers are in vogue these days, I guess, thanks to the TV show "Scandal"), but the book sure could use Kori. But I love Roy, he's being handled fairly well, and so, I'll stick with this.

Rocket Girl 6
Dayoung tries to fit in in 1986, but it isn't easy when you're a teen cop from the future. A crazy, wonderful book, and I love Amy Reeder's art.

Saga 29
Can things get worse for our heroes? Why yes, yes they can. Argh! The rebels holding Alana, Hazel, and Klara try to work out a deal for Hazel, Marko and Prince Robot have their own troubles, and... well, Hazel's narration talks about sacrifice and she isn't exaggerating.

Starfire 1
A delightful first issue, written by Conner and Palmiotti, with nice art from Lupacchino and McCarthy that clearly is not the Starfire that Roy is still pining for in Red Hood Arsenal. I know continuity isn't as strict as it was before Convergence and I told myself I'll just buy books for characters I want to read about and not worry if they connect or not, but it is disconcerting.

Wonder Woman 77 Special
Two delightful stories based on the TV series that starred Lynda Carter. Gorgeous cover, lovely interior art, fun stories. A pure joy.


  1. The Wonder Woman book was indeed quite fabulous. And for some reason I completely forgot to pick up Gotham Academy, so that will be rectified shortly!