Saturday, July 11, 2015

This Week's Reviews Part Two

The second batch of this week's reviews are the non-traditional superhero books. Also, none are DC or Marvel.

Shutter 13
Now that Kate's memory has been wiped, mostly, things get intriguing. She's still the object of all sorts of nasty stuff, and people are looking for her. There's some action, but not as much in previous issues, and that lets the story breathe a bit. So, I'm eager to read the next issue.

Descender 5
Things just keep going from bad to worse in this story as many factions in the fractured universe seek the answer to the Harvesters. Good, edgy science fiction.

Barb Wire 1
I never read Barb Wire, but I've heard of her and figured I'd give this a look. Barb is a bounty hunter/nightclub owner with financial problems and this is a nice introduction to her. My only complaint is the blurb in front that calls her "a bounty hunter as skilled as she is stunning." Would a male character be referred to as "as skilled as he is hunky"? I think not. I wish publishers would get the message and leave sexism out of their books, comics, especially.

Broken World 2
It's been a short while now since the meteor has failed to impact Earth and with most of the population gone, things are getting dangerous for the ones who were left behind. Elena runs into a former student and her brother on her quest to find a way off Earth so she can rejoin her husband and son. I'm not sure where this is going, but it's entertaining.

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