Sunday, October 11, 2015

NYCC Part 1 Creators

NYCC '15 has come and gone and I'm left with tired legs and sore feet. I had a couple of fascinating discussions with Jim Shooter, who apparently, no one knew would be there. He was in the front of Artists Alley, holding forth with entertaining stories about artists and writers from the good old days. He and I are of an age, so those folks are the ones from my childhood and teen years, too. I got to chat with a few other artists and writers I admire and get their autograph on my program guide.

Amy Reeder

Annie Wu

Jay Faerber 
Jimmy Palmiotti, with Steve, the Stormie

Jim Shooter

Joe Staton

Kyle Higgins

Louise Simonson

Phil Noto

Rod Reis

Walt Simonson
Autographed Program Book