Friday, October 30, 2015

So Many Comics

They've been piling up again. I'll have another batch to review soon. But for now, there are plenty, so the reviews will be brief.

Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies 6
The story concludes. I suppose this isn't the most original comic/story, but I enjoyed it. Lady Mech is fun and the story's end was satisfying.

Black Magick 1
A new comic by Greg Rucka, with Nicola Scott on art, which is reason enough to try it. A Wiccan police detective makes for an intriguing start.

DC Comics Bombshells 3
Things start to gel as Kate and some others go on a mission for Waller. This isn't bad enough for me to stop reading, but not good enough for me to love it. It just feels like too much is being packed in, which eliminates room for nuance and character development.

Gotham Academy 11
Olive and her friends delve further into the mystery of Olive's mother. One of DC's true gems.

Black Canary 5
Get ready for a battle of the bands. I'm enjoying this, even if this isn't the Dinah I've known and loved for decades.

Harley Quinn 21
Harley and Deadshot: What could go wrong? As usual, there's bloodshed and Harley saves the day. Fun stuff.

Captain America White 3
The story set during WWII continues. Doesn't quite jibe with the Brubaker run, but a good story and character study as Steve is narrating to dead Bucky.

Spirit 4
Denny finally shows up! And we find out what happened to him! Only, we don't know how, and why, he survived or where he's been! Matt Wagner is doing a credible job with the Spirit.

Starfire 5
Starfire goes job hunting and there's a dolphin. I love dolphins. This book is pretty much fluff, but fun fluff.

Ms. Marvel 19
The last issue of the title until the reboot and it's amazing! Brought tears to my eyes. A wonderful coming of age story concluded.

Red Hood Arsenal 5
Roy continues to be a jerk, The new Batman (I have no clue what that's about) is more of a jerk. And Jason has a moment. And they defeat Underbelly, which is just one of the weirdest "villains" ever.

Copperhead 10
The sheriff finally rescues her deputy, only to return to a new murder case. An enjoyable read.

Barb Wire 4
Barb and company finally bring their bounty to justice and Barb's bar gets a new landlord. Not to be taken seriously, but fun nonetheless.


  1. Gotham Academy is lately my favorite Bat book. And Ns Marvel is one of my favorite books period.

    1. I read so few DC books these days, Gotham Academy is my favorite by default. Harley Quinn is my second favorite.