Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Reviews of the Year

Four new comics this week. That's a lot for the last week of the year.

Lazarus 21
Argh! An intriguing cliffhanger and they're going on a hiatus. Next issue won't be til May. Can I live with the suspense? Most of the issue was taken up with an all-out battle with the Hock family, and trying to save the life of the Carlyle family head. Excellent as always.

Black Magick 3
Rowan sets out to learn who is coming after her, in the second Rucka-penned title this week, after Lazarus. I'm not a big fan of magic, but the story and characters are nice and Nicola Scott's art is oh so nice.

Black Canary 6
We're getting closer to learning what's going on. Dinah is the kickass hero we know and love and Wu's art is wonderful. This really doesn't look like a typical DC book, which really makes it stand out.

Captain America White 5
The conclusion of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's WWII tale. This doesn't quite jibe with Brubaker's take on the characters, but it's a nice edition to Cap and Bucky's history and Steve's narration, at a time he believed Bucky to be dead, is most poignant. All in all, a very good story.

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