Friday, January 22, 2016

Busy Week

I got and read a lot of comics this week and they were rather entertaining.

Star-Lord 3
The year one revised history for Star-Lord continues. This is an odd little book, and it takes a bit getting used to since this is the first time I'm reading a retconned background for a Marvel character. Still, it's fun and in this issue, Peter makes strides in becoming a full-fledged member of Yondu's crew.

Captain Marvel 1
And... another first issue. Marvel is getting almost too much like DC with all these number ones and reworked characters, etc. However, that doesn't take anything away from this next chapter for Carol Danvers. I never read any Alpha Flight stories, but Carol is now in command of an international Alpha Flight, starting a tour on their space-bound base. Carol is a bit torn between the desk duties that go with command and the urge to get out and fly, and there's plenty of potential here. The writing team of Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters comes from the Marvel TV 'verse, meaning they're capable at the helm and Kris Anka's art is clean and efficient and easy on the eyes. A nice start all around.

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death 1 (of 6)
This mini-series starts with what is mostly a setup chapter that includes a cameo from Harley Quinn that serves to isolate Ivy a bit as she and Harley end up at odds. Ivy is trying to fit in in her new job, getting a second chance at being part of normal society while getting the opportunity to pursue her botanical experiments. The last page finally sets the actual story in motion. Amy Chu is writing a decent version of Ivy and Clay and Seth Mann's art is stunning. I wouldn't mind a bit more movement, but it sure is nice to look at.

The Spirit 7
This take on The Spirit feels classic. Our intrepid hero inches closer to learning the truth about why he was held captive and by whom. A fun book.

Harley Quinn 24
Another fun book. Harley spends a bit too much time trying to figure out who got Mason transferred to Arkham, saving the real excitement, I hope, for the next issue. Still, there's a sufficient amount of the usual lunacy to keep things hopping.

Ms. Marvel 3
The current arc concludes with Ms. Marvel saving the day, and Bruno, with Bruno's girlfriend Mike's help. Mike is a super addition to the team, even if she has no clue Kamala is Ms. Marvel. What's amazing is that things don't end up as neatly as these stories usually do, with everyone hailing their savior. Jersey City might be safe, for now, from Hydra's scheme, but Ms. Marvel still gets flak from the citizens she helped due to her photo being used without her permission to publicize Hydra's evil plot. It's the little complications and details, as well as characters you can believe in that make this book so special.

Titans Hunt 4
Still enjoying this. The former Teen Titans still haven't come all together, but at least the fighting has ceased as the ones who are together start to realize how many memories they share. This is an intriguing story and a slow burn. I hope the payoff is worth a year's worth of chapters.

Astro City 31
A one-off dealing with escaped nightmares threatening the city as everyone shares the dreams of Samaritan's living nightmares. The story is a bit odd with fragmented narration, but the ending is quite moving.

Super Zero 2
I'm not sure where this is going, but I'm still enjoying the ride. Her first plan to gain superpowers having failed, Dru implements plan B, which does not go well. Add her parents helping out the homeless vet Dru "hired" to help with plan A, Dru's life is a mess. But things might be changing. This is a charming book.


  1. I do love Ms Marvel. And yes, poor Kampala may have saved the day... with a whole lot of help from Michaela, but you are right... it doesn't end all neatly happy like a Hallmark movie, because life just isn't like that.

    I keep thinking I should really start picking up Carol as Cap Marvel as well.

    1. Kelly Sue DeConnick made Captain Marvel one of my favorite characters and the new writer is doing a nice job with her so far. You should definitely give the book a try.

  2. I swear to god, I did not type Kampala for Kamala. Stupid auto correct!