Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quiet Week

Just three comics this week.

Dream Police 8
Wow. Let's consider this for a moment. A new issue of Dream Police. Issue 7 came out in August 2015. I made a note of that after I couldn't remember how long, last August, it had been since issue 6. I really love this comic about the mystery behind the people who police the realm of dreams. My memory not being as good as it once was, I was appreciative for the catch-up summary inside the front cover. Here's hoping issue 9 comes out this year.

This is just the sort of thing that leads me to not buy single issues, and wait, instead, for the trades, from publishers or imprints not named DC, Marvel, Dynamite, Vertigo, or Image. I was burned, twice, by a never completed, that I know of, George Perez comic called Crimson Plague. But in recent years, I've had better luck. I still read some titles in trade, only, but until the last few issues of Dream Police, things have come out in a reasonably timely, even if bimonthly, manner. I really hate when scheduling/publishing woes (whatever they might be in this case) hit a comic I'm really enjoying.

Harley Quinn 26
Harley gets a new 'do and an old enemy plots revenge. The usual crazy fun.

SuperZero 4
I continue to be impressed with this book. Dru's latest scheme to gain superpowers leads her to stowaway on a NASA rocket launch. But before that, she plays hero for her best friend who's being smacked around by her father.

I also read the 3 volumes of Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna and Sara Vaughn. If you haven't read this, go find it immediately. This is an awesome love story about robots and AIs and sentience, told in a light, heartfelt way, with lovely, evocative art.


  1. One issue every eight months or so, does make it a little difficult to remember what happened in the lay cliff hanger.

    1. Supposedly, the next issue won't be as long a wait, so we'll see. I wish I knew what caused the delays.