Friday, April 08, 2016

Just Two

A slow week.

Miss Fury 1
I loved the previous incarnation of this character, a rather timey whimey tale. This time 'round, we seem to be getting something more straightforward. Marla Drake, aka Miss Fury, is working as a marine engineer. When someone steals plans for experimental rotors, she jumps into action to find out who's behind the theft. A nice start by writer Corinna Bechko and lovely art by Jonathan Lau.

Black Widow 2
The story that began with the first issue takes a step back to a week prior and starts filling in the background that brought her to be on the run. Working security in the background at a SHIELD funeral, she ends up being taken captive of Platch Liev, who has a file on (presumably) her that shouldn't still exist, something he holds over her to get her to do his bidding. The intrigue is building for an exciting tale. I'm liking this take on Natasha.

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