Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bunch of Comics

The usual mixed bag from last week, minus the one I haven't gotten to yet.

Shutter 22
The sh*t hit the fan. Again. I really have no idea what's going on in this book, but I can't turn away. It's about the evil Prospero society and how Kate's family is trying to take them down. Or some such.

Adventures of Supergirl 3
Based on the TV show. Kara is locked in a dream being controlled by... someone. A nice, entertaining chapter in a longer story.

Black Canary 12
Brenden Fletcher's story (with art by Annie Wu and Sandy Jarrell) comes to a satisfying close in a rather timey wimey way. The whole 12-issue arc was a metaphysical romp now that we have all the pieces, and while this isn't really the Dinah Lance I've known and loved, at her essence, she is the same, a gritty survivor with well-honed skills, and this journey of enlightenment should leave her in a good place to start again in Rebirth.

Red Hood Arsenal 13
And this comes, mercifully, to an end. I've enjoyed seeing Roy and Jason as friends, but this hasn't really been the Roy I've known and loved since I was a kid. Sure, he was cocky, but the Roy I knew was always more grounded. So after Roy is saved and Jason takes out the baddies while the internet watches, comes the moment that splits them up, when Jason tells Roy "You have too much faith in people. I don't have any. I'm sorry. I'm never going to be the hero you want me to be. I have every confidence in you--that you'll stay the hero I know you are." Which is probably the best bit of dialogue Lobdell wrote over the 13 issues of this book. Red Hood and the Outlaws was infinitely better than this mess has been. I'm so looking forward to Roy being back where he belongs, with the Titans. With Dick and Donna and Garth. And Wally.

Thunderbolts 2
Kobik might be a cosmic cube in the form of a little girl, but it/she has a lot to learn, especially about how lifeforms live and die, and it's up to Bucky to teach it/her. Not much really happens in this issue, but things promise to move up a notch next issue when the Inhumans show up.

Flash Rebirth 1
Wally's return, seen from Barry's pov this time, which is very cool, actually. Joshua Williamson hits all the right emotions with this, and Carmine Di Giandomenico's art is lovely, really capturing the essence of speed/motion. Barry's got his father in this iteration -- Yay! -- and Barry and Batman compare notes, as per Wally's suggestion. There's a bit more about the button Batman found, but not much, so I figure the mystery will be slow unraveling, but that's okay. I like slow burns when done well. At any rate, I'm pleased with this.

Wonder Woman Rebirth 1
Rucka approached this by focusing on the duality of Wonder Woman's origin story: born of clay or born of a coupling of Hippolyta and Zeus. Using her magic lasso on herself, Diana learns she's been deceived, and thus, embarks on a quest to find the truth. The art by Matthew Clark and Sean Parsons is stunning, and Liam Sharp, who illustrated the final pages did a great job, too. And I love Diana's new costume.


  1. I wonder if the real Roy is going to show up in the newest rebirthing?

    It was lovely to see Wally again. I will have to pick up Wonder Woman, because I too love her new outfit, which I find reminiscent of Darwin Cooke, and also...Rucka.

    1. I did like Roy in Titans Hunt, so I'm hopeful. I did like the version in Red Hood and the Outlaws, but Red Hood Arsenal just rehashed so much character development for Roy and Jason, it felt like a step backward.