Thursday, June 02, 2016


I read a lot of comics between last week's haul and this week's batch, so here they are, short and mostly sweet.

The Spirit 11
The Spirit is on the trail of Sachet Spice in this penultimate issue of the current story. Fun!

DC Comics Bombshells 13
I definitely prefer these "on the homefront" single story issues featuring the Bat-Girls. Lois Lane shows up in this one, on the trail of a baddie. Delightful!

DC Comics Bombshells 14
Not bad. Flashbacks show how Zatanna got to be Joker's Daughter's pet and then, not. Plus, Mera meets Arthur. Lovely art, as usual.

Dream Police 10
Joe gets closer to the truth. I do love this comic, but it would have more impact if it could be read in one sitting, I think. At least it seems to be back on an actual schedule.

Mockingbird 3
Bobbi takes on a teen girl with newly discovered powers. Nicely done.

Ms. Marvel 7
Things get too competitive at the tri-state high school science fair. With guest star Mile Morales! Fun issue.

Captain Marvel 5
The first arc concludes, as Carol gets to the bottom of the threat, thanks to teamwork. This didn't have the pizzazz of DeConnick's version of Captain Marvel, but it's fun in its own way.

Adventures of Supergirl 2
Based on the TV show. The art switches mid-book from cartoonish to more realistic, which is a bit jarring. The story is pretty basic, but entertaining.

Coming up in the next post: Rebirth!


  1. While Ms Marvel s always good, I have to admit that this may be one of my favorite issues, what with the rescue shark.
    Also, being from Connecticut, I snickered quite a bit.

    1. Oh, yeah, rescue shark was awesome!