Friday, July 08, 2016

Another Week of Reviews

I love being able to read DC comics again. Not as many as I once did, but more than during New 52.

Superman 2
Not much actually happens, but there's a fair amount of setup for an upcoming threat. Clark gets to spend quality time with Jon and impart some superheroing advice. Fun.

Green Arrow 2
This is so intriguing. In the old, old days, the time came when millionaire Oliver Queen lost his fortune. I believe that scenario happened again during the time I wasn't reading DC comics. Even the TV show has covered it. So here we are once again. Ollie's fortune and company is gone because Ollie has been presumed dead in a boating incident, all part of some plot that we're seeing only glimpses of so far. Somehow, Shado is involved. And Dinah is suspicious, which can't be a good thing for the conspirators. I'm eager to see where this is going.

Adventures of Supergirl 5
This comic based on the TV show continues to impress as the storyline deepens. In this issue, Kara confronts the construct with her mother's memories and learns more about the guard from Fort Rozz trying to... well, that is the mystery. Facet is hellbent on completing a mission with regards to Kara. This is another story where I'm eager to read more.

SuperZero 6
The last page says "End Chapter One," but I don't know if there are plans for more. If not, this story of a girl who desperately wants to be a superhero, so much so that she stows away on a rocket to the International Space Station, comes to a reasonably satisfying conclusion after she takes on the aliens that took over the ISS. I really hope we get more of this book.

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