Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weekly Reviews Part One

I've still got 2 comics to read, but figured I'd just go ahead with reviews for what I've read because the comics are awesome.

But first, apparently, Frank Cho was doing variant covers for Wonder Woman. I hadn't seen them, and after issue 6, there won't be any to see, because he quit. He was having problems with Greg Rucka, the current Wonder Woman writer, and it seems Cho got fed up with what he sees as Rucka's attempt to censor his art. Seeing the three variant covers in the article, I'm glad I didn't see them in my LCS. The first two aren't bad, except that Diana's upper half seems a bit small and out of proportion with her lower half, especially those beefy legs. But the third cover... that pose... I'll never be able to unsee it. It's a perfect candidate for a Hawkeye Initiative makeover. So, I'm on Team Rucka all the way. Sorry, Frank Cho, but not everyone other than Rucka loves your covers.

Which brings me to...

Wonder Woman 2
This is the first chapter in the Year One storyline that's alternating with the present-day story and which, I assume, will fill in background re: Diana and Steve's relationship in the present. These Year One chapters are being illustrated by the amazing Nicola Scott and her cover is very nice. The issue alternates between Diana's pov on Themyscira and Steve's pov as he prepares for the mission that will bring him crashing into Diana's world. So, another retelling, but an important one given how many times Diana's origin has been mucked with. Although, we don't have Diana's birth here. What we do get is how the Amazons live and interact with implied romantic relationships because, well, it's not like there are many options. It is a lovely, peaceful existence, but Diana keeps looking outward, beyond Paradise, and the end of the chapter is when everything changes. I'm glad this book is being published bimonthly; it means each story can keep the usual monthly comic book pacing. I'm so happy to get back a Wonder Woman comic I can enjoy reading.

Flash 2
The Speed Force is now in Barry's detective friend, Iris is in danger while pursuing leads on the science thieves, and Barry warms to the idea of having a new partner to teach. This is pure fun.

Nightwing Rebirth 1
Dick is back in Gotham, but apparently, not for long. He has work to do to take down the Parliament of Owls. I'm not caught up with Grayson because I'm reading it in trades, but this issue ties up loose ends from that, seemingly, and there's a lovely page with Helena Bertinelli in her old Huntress outfit that sets up her joining the upcoming Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. Dick is at his best, and his scenes with Damian are delightful. Just having Dick back in the black and blue costume makes me happy. I never liked the black and red one.

Descender 13
Tim-21 might be in deadly danger, but this issue takes a step back and gives us Telsa's backstory. A good issue, but I want to get back to the action.

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