Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lots of Reviews

This was a big comics week for me, and surprise! I got them all read before the week is out.

Descender 14
Pretty much filler, with few words. I hate that when a story is as good as this one is.

Harley Quinn 2
The zombie story continues. I'm not a big fan of zombies, so this is going on a bit too long for me, given this is issue 2 of it and there's more to come.

Mockingbird 6
A Civil War II tie-in that manages to be entertaining. Bobbi goes on a cruise after someone sends her a ticket and promises he has info to help Clint, who is on trial for killing Banner (in a story I haven't read). But the ship is also hosting a nerd con, so there's a lot of crazy stuff going on, especially when Hunter shows up.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 1
I'm just going to get this out upfront. The art looks okay if all you're looking at is layout and setting, but if you look at the faces... Other than some decent expressions, the faces are ugly. Lips look like the characters got punched in the mouth before ever getting into a fight. There's a lot of distortion going on, too, especially around the chin. Sure, call it stylized art if you want. I call it ugly. As for the story, Babs and Dinah form a truce with Huntress. And don't ask me how Dinah found the right subway car in the first scene while trying to find a generic threat to the transit system. Heck of a coincidence there.

Supergirl Rebirth 1
Supergirl is my favorite character, but I wasn't reading the New 52 version. I really don't know what to think of this. I'll read the ongoing comic, but it'll need to be better than this. This seemed so uneven and I'm not sure I like Kara being so new to Earth and back in high school. I much prefer the TV version and the digital comic they did based on that. This looks like an attempt to combine elements of the New 52 Kara with the TV Kara and the parts aren't really meshing. Not yet, anyway. Everything is just tossed onto the pages, it seems, to see what will stick. Kara seems at least in her early 20s in the DEO scenes, yet she'll be going to high school? It is nice to see her in her classic costume -- well, a version of it -- though.

Superman 5
The battle against the Eradicator becomes a real family affair, with Lois turning badass to protect Jon, Jon trying to be badass to protect his parents, and Superman doing all he can to protect them and Earth. And how long has Batman had a moonbase? I'm loving this book.

Nightwing 3
This is turning out better than I'd thought. Raptor isn't really in the mentor role the previews teased, but is more a mirror for Dick as Dick has to come to terms with who he truly is: a reflection of Batman or something else. I've long thought Dick was a danger junkie, something Babs is realizing, too. This Rebirth title has a lot of potential.

Green Arrow 5
This gave me lots of feels, to use current slang -- is that still current? I feel so out of touch sometimes -- and that last page! The art is among my favorites in DC right now, just after Wonder Woman and Superwoman.

Black Widow 6
This is amazing. Samnee and Wilson's cover is so unlike the typical Marvel cover, and the story pushes the lone wolf aspect of Natasha in this storyline as she uncovers the person behind the plot to control and co-opt her. I have no idea where this is going, but I'm happy to be on the journey.


  1. Black Widow was my definite favorite. I tried Birds of Prey...I was really looking forward to it and it just... meh.

    1. Yeah. The problem with Birds of Prey for me is that it has a hard act to follow from the original book. And so far, it's falling short.