Saturday, August 06, 2016

Weekly Reading

I still have 2 more to go, both new: Torchwood (by John Barrowman, Capt. Jack, himself, no less! And his sister Carole Barrowman.) and Kill or be Killed by Ed Brubaker.

Here's what I did read:

DC Comics Bombshells 16
This alternate reality comic is a crowded affair, with new characters seemingly added each issue. In this issue, we get a few backstories, including Huntress (her father is a Nazi who hunts Jews! to her shame), Batgirl (her misadventure in Spain with Renee, and Mera (she and Arthur exchange stories about their past). Then Mera heads to Atlantis with Arthur to fight for the throne. I'm alternately bored, intrigued, and confused by this book, though I suppose I don't pay the closest attention while reading it.

Harley Quinn 1
The Rebirth Harley picks up where the older Harley book ended. Harley does a quick recap of her life, then zombies attack. Yup, same old Harley book, full of lunatic humor, slapstick violence, and Harley taking care of business. And she and Ivy have their spa day.

Superman 4
Clark, Jon, and Lois battle the Eradicator. A bit of a letdown after previous issues due to lack of much else going on.

Nightwing 2
Now this is getting interesting. There's more to Raptor than meets the eye. Once he has Dick's attention, he tells him they've got a mission, which involves rescuing a hijacked ship full of refugees, only the Parliament of Owls has their own plans for those refugees. Dick is understandably horrified by it all, but as Raptor explains, he's in it for the long game. I want to see more. I want to see how Dick handles this mess of an undercover gig. So, yeah, author Tim Seeley has my attention.

Green Arrow 4
Ollie teams up with Diggle to expose the people behind the takeover of his company, while Dinah continues to investigate Ollie's supposed death. Benjamin Percy is crafting a neat suspense tale here and the art by Juan Ferreyra is lovely. He's doing the colors, too, which are wonderfully vibrant. Turning pages feels like spinning a kaleidoscope. The book truly doesn't look like what I'm used to with DC and that's a good, and fun, thing.

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