Thursday, September 22, 2016

Some Reviews

I still have some holdovers to read, including Doom Patrol from the previous week. Or was it the week before that? I've lost track. Anyway, here's what I have read.

DC Comics Bombshells 17
Uprising, part 1 focuses on the Jewish ghetto in Berlin where some of the Bombshells are planning an uprising, but the Joker's Daughter has a plan to stop them. Some Jewish culture and the rise of the Bombshells' version of Mary Marvel make this a nice, focused story in the series. The art's pretty nice, too.

Harley Quinn 4
In the aftermath of the alien-tainted hotdogs that caused a zombie crisis, Harley heads to India to take on telephone scammers. Hard as it seems, this book has gotten weirder since Rebirth despite continuing without making changes. This book is so over the top, I don't think it can ever jump the shark, but it sure seems to be trying. I'm not finding it as much fun as before.

Superman 7
Clark spends time with his family, which involves going to the county fair. A charming change-of-pace story that is a reminder of how much fun superhero comics can be.

Green Arrow 7
Continuing the story focusing on Emi, alternating between a year ago and now. A year ago, she got mixed up with the Clock King and put Ollie in danger. Now she's trying to free her mother from the Yakuza. The parallel storytelling works nice and Emi is a character I really like.

Nightwing 5
Part of the "Monster Men" even story taking place across the Bat books. Since I'm not reading the others, this makes little sense to me. Who the heck are Duke and Gotham Girl/Claire? Dick was hardly in this. Meh. Next issue will be more of the same, so I might not bother getting or reviewing it.

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