Monday, October 31, 2016

Comics Galore

First, though, Happy Halloween!

Now to the reviews, late as usual.

Steve Rogers Captain America 6
More reworked flashbacks to fill out Steve's backstory, plus some Civil War II scenes that mean little to me because I'm not reading Civil War II. Apparently, Spider-Man is predicted to kill Cap in the future. This issue felt like it was mostly just treading water, filler in service of the Civil War II storyline. Not the strongest issue in the series.

Serenity 1
"No Power in the 'Verse" begins. Mostly, we get caught up with the crew as they take on a new mission. Nice start.

Ms. Marvel 12
Kamala tries to regroup on a vacation in India, visiting family, but she can't help playing hero, which, of course, leads to her learning something about herself. Still one of Marvel's best comics.

Blue Beetle 2
So far, this is such a disappointment. Lots of Jaime/Ted banter, almost no sightings of Jaime's friends and family, and, well, I'd comment on the story, but nothing much seems to have happened of consequence, other than Jaime finding out his mother is playing medic for the posse. To be honest, I can't comment much without reading it again. It's been only two days since I read it and I've already forgotten most of what happened. Not a good sign.

Wonder Woman 9
Back in Washington, DC, Diana and Etta take Barbara Ann shopping, then Diana and Steve spend some quality time catching up and talking about feelings. And it's all wonderful.

Flash 9
Wally West the second meets Wally West the first. The art could be better, but the cover is nice and the story was fun.

Titans 4
So far, this is a Wally Flash book, but that's okay. I hope once we get past Kadabbra trying to erase Wally again, using a captured Linda as bait, we'll get to more character development for the rest of the team.

Saga 39
The best comic ever (I really think of it that way) covers a bit of territory. Hazel deals with losing Izabel, Petrichor heads out to try to find her, The Will is fired, and there's the usual overload of feels. (I can't believe I wrote "feels.")

Descender 16
Mostly a flashback, filling in Driller's backstory. The actual story is moving at a glacial pace, but the universe is fascinating.


  1. Saga is fabulous and so is Ms Marvel. Blue Beetle is starting to annoy me.

    I am glad that I am not the only one trying to skip Civil War redux.

    1. I'm giving Blue Beetle a few more issues, but if it doesn't improve, I'm dropping it.

      And Civil War II has gone on long enough, too long for me, actually.