Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Comics

I'm falling behind again. I think I'll need to drop the borderline titles. I've got to many to read each month now.

Anyway, here's what I did read these past two weeks.

Nightwing 9
An odd little story between story arcs, with Dick having some really bad dreams and the new Superman helping out. Not bad.

Green Arrow 11
The dangerous train ride nears its end. Good stuff here.

Superman 11
Supes and Bats force their sons to work together. It goes about as well as one would expect, which is, not well, at all. Fun.

Gotham Academy 3
Concluding chapter for a fun witchy tale.

Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte 2 
For a normally darkish comic, this story took a darker turn than previous stories, as Lady M gets to the bottom of the evil plaguing the town and that evil plots vengeance on her and the town. I really like this steampunk comic.

Captain America: Steve Rogers 7
This is slowing down as, I suppose, it has to keep pace with the rest of the Civil War tie-ins. More flashbacks, more hints of Steve's plan, but I'm ready to see where this will end up.

Supergirl 3
I really hate the art in this. Supergirl learns what her bizarro father's plan is. Supergirl is my all-time favorite character, but I'm considering dropping this. I hate the art and the story hasn't grabbed me. Did I mention I hate the art?

Lumberjanes Gotham Academy 6
A heart-warming conclusion to a fun story about arrested development and teen angst/disappointment. If I wasn't looking to drop comics, I might start reading Lumberjanes.

Flash 10
Kid Flash tries to prove himself by taking on the new Shadow villain. Kind of made me think of the story arc in the TV show where Wally is trying to get super speed so he can be like Barry.

Superwoman 4
Lana confronts the new Lois while the dead Lois haunts her. I love this comic and I love this version of Lana.

Wonder Woman 10
Set in the past, Diana and her new friends go to a mall, where trouble, naturally, forces her to show off her mad skills. Just wonderful, as usual.

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  1. Good grief, Civil War is just dragging on forever! Wonder Woman was pretty fabulous though.