Sunday, December 18, 2016

This Week in Comics

A nice variety this past week.

Hawkeye 1
Featuring Kate Bishop. Kelly Thompson has a nice feel for writing Kate, returning Kate to LA to embark on a career as an unlicensed PI. The art by Leonardo Romero is reminiscent of the art on Matt Fraction's Hawkeye comic, so that's a nice bit of continuity.

Flash 12
The conclusion of the brief story with Shade. A fun story, and Wally is cute as he tries to guess Flash's real name.

Wonder Woman 12
Diana helps the military learn who's behind the terrorist attacks and the answer is... I love this book, and Nicola Scott's art is gorgeous.

Gotham Academy 4
This takes place before the first arc and is a fun story set around a spooky carnival. The mystery is easy to solve, but that doesn't hurt the story.

Superwoman 5
The stakes keep getting higher for Lana as she prepares to face off against Lena. I love this comic.

Nighwing 10
Dick goes to Bludhaven for some "me" time in order to restore his confidence in himself. Not much happens, but that should change next issue, because Dick always finds trouble.

Jessica Jones 3
I'm having trouble believing this is the same character I fell in love with in Alias. Jessica never learns from past mistakes, but now she's also acting like an idiot. She's also offered the chance to do something that doesn't sound all that honest. And I'm starting to think Jessica in the comics isn't the hero of her own story the way she is in the Netflix series. This Jessica doesn't ever act so much as react. Hardly an example of female empowerment I want her to be.

Descender 17
A bit of everything as various parts of the plot inch forward on different fronts. This story is definitely a slow burn, but I'm still enjoying it and am eager for Andy to finally find Tim-21, his childhood robot AI friend.


  1. Hawkeye was fun, I do so enjoy Kate. I miss the Young Avengers terribly, but I suppose the Champions have more or less taken over that niche.

    And yes, Wonder Woman was just gorgeous.

    1. I never read Young Avengers, but Champions is much fun.

  2. Young Avengers was stupendous! Fabulous art, and a clever... and very funny storyline. The one with Gillen and Mckelvie, and Noh Vary and Kid Loki anyway.

    1. I didn't read The Avengers, and I don't think I even knew there was a Young Avengers until recently.