Saturday, June 03, 2017

This Week's Reading

Another short week. I did read Paper Girls Volume 2 and it left more questions than it answered, but it was fun, especially when Erin encounters her grown-up self. I'm eagerly awaiting Volume 3.

Wonder Woman Annual 1
Worth it for the Nicola Scott cover, which is stunning. Diana looks so exuberant, so joyful. The first story, by Rucka, is a cute Diana-meets-Kal-and-Bruce story where they go check on the new super-powered hero and she turns the tables on them. The rest of the stories are by a bunch of newbies, I believe, including one gal who used to work at my LCS. They're okay, but as with all such short pieces, they really don't go anywhere, but they are nice celebrations of what makes Diana special.

Kill or be Killed 9
Dylan's ability to get into and out of danger is almost impossible, and in this one, he walks into a trap set by the Russian mob who are pissed at him for killing one of their members. Life as a serial killer does have its problems. Nice and plot-twisty with lots of character bits as usual.

Flash 23
It's Barry's birthday and Hal stops by and trouble happens because of course it does. A nice start to a new story.

Saga 43
The new arc starts off in the middle of things as Alana seeks to rid herself of her dead fetus. That sounds far more crude than it is, but with its usual sensitivity and emotion and humanity, this book is now dealing with abortion, a too-well-timed storyline given the current political climate in the US. Knowing Saga, we're in for an emotional roller-coaster. I'm stocking up on tissues, just in case.


  1. Saga was stunning as always. I am really starting to like Petrichor.

    And yes, Nicola Scott should be drawing just about everything.

    1. Well, we wouldn't want to wear out Nicola Scott, but yeah. :)