Monday, July 24, 2017

Eight Comics

A real mix this week.

Ms. Marvel 20
Somehow, this storyline focusing on citizens turning against Ms. Marvel and their suspicion of powered beings is scarier than any super-powered menace Kamala has faced so far. The parallels with real life give this book an extra impact.

Super Sons 6
Jon meets the Teen Titans. It doesn't go well. Fun.

Nightwing 25
Dick survives a multi-pronged attack, but his love life takes a hit. I really like him and Shawn as a couple, so I hope they can work things out, but I suspect there's an editorial mandate to keep him single.

Superman 27
The Kent family goes on vacation to visit important locations in the US and we all get a history lesson. I love this.

Green Arrow 27
Wonder Woman guest stars and it's as good as it sounds. Every comic should feature a guest visit from Diana.

Descender 22
The battle between robots and humans heats up and it looks like the humans are suffering the most casualties. A strong take on the humans vs. AIs storyline.

The WildStorm 6
The exposition issue, mostly, where characters explain the universe to us by filling in other characters. I'm really enjoying this version of the Wildstorm universe.

Batwoman 5
A flashback story, beautifully illustrated. I'm getting used to the newish origin for Kate as Batwoman. I don't love it like the original, because that Kate was better trained and more assured when she put on the costume, but this is a pretty good comic.

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  1. I love Ms Marvel, but right now I am very very nervous.