Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Random Thoughts

First, for anyone still reading.... My apologies for the lack of posts here. My comics reading is more behind than ever.

Second, the anonymous spammy comments submitted for approval are getting more bizarre than ever. The ones complimenting me on making a difficult subject understandable -- submitted comment on my post about George Perez retiring -- are laughable. I don't see links, either, so I'm not sure what Anonymous Spammer hopes to gain by having comments posted. But rest assured, "Anonymous," I will not approve your comments for publication here.

Third, some noteworthy comics. My love of Bucky Barnes has been rewarded by the first comic to feature him in a long while. (I'm not counting his guest turn with Hawkeye in what was actually a Black Widow story in the recent, and excellent, Tales of Suspense.) The new Winter Soldier comic has Bucky trying to help others escape a life of crime as a way to atone for his dark acts. The art is nice and the writing is heavy on character development. Just perfect. The first issue of The Invaders was good, too, even if Bucky just has a cameo this time. The PTSD plotline re: Namor  is intriguing.

Catwoman, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow are worth reading, too, and I'm eager to see what the new creative team brings to Ms. Marvel.

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