Friday, October 13, 2017

Old Before New

I am so far behind on reviews. I read a lot of comics, but between getting hooked on yet more online games and New York Comic Con, I forgot to post reviews for the past few weeks. So, here they are, in no particular order.

Marvel Generations Ms. Marvel Ms. Marvel
This was better than Captain Mar-Vell Captain Marvel. Told from Kamala's pov, and written by her regular scribe, G. Willow Wilson, this was coherent and fairly interesting. The art was nice, too.

Jessica Jones 13
Jessica learns that the Purple Man is free, and she's understandably freaked out.

The Wild Storm 7
I'm really enjoying this re-imagined version of the WildStorm 'verse.

Batwoman 7
Kate gets back to her mission for Batman, but this is mostly a background/filler type issue. Decent.

Hawkeye 11
Kate goes head-to-head with Madame Masque in a cloned body of Kate. About as fun as you'd think.

Nightwing 30
Dick might need to make a deal with a devil to take on the unhinged Raptor.

Superman 31-32
Deathstroke's attack on Lois seems to be a test, of Superman. Not sure if this is leading to someone down the road for this book, or for another one. Not much of a story, but nice character bits.

Black Magick 8
I would buy this just to admire Nicola Scott's art. Rucka's writing is a nice bonus.

Flash 31
The conclusion to the Bloodwork story. Entertaining.

Action 988
I'm reading this for the Mr. Oz storyline. This is really intriguing.

Saga 47
It's Saga. I love it. What more needs to be said?

Green Arrow 31
I love this book. Probably my favorite DC title right now. Ollie learns the benefits of working with a team.

Descender 24
The robots are coming out on top. Is there any hope for humanity and/or the other non-AIs?

Super Sons 8
Another fun issue.

Not long reviews, but I'm not sure anyone is really reading this blog, anymore, except maybe one or two folks. I'm mostly keeping this going for myself. I'll try to get the current week's comics read and the reviews, so to speak, up before next Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Old Before New

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks. I'm not even sure how many weeks this batch of comics represents. Two? Three? At any rate, I've got a lot of reviews -- well, brief commentary on each -- here.

Jessica Jones 12
The end of the Maria Hill, client storyline was rather entertaining. We got some background for Maria in her early days in SHIELD, plus things seem better with Jessica and Luke. So, hopefully, things are back on track here.

Ghost Station Zero 2
I really like Babushka and the cartoonish art seems to suit this. Pretty decent spy intrigue, too.

The Spirit: Corpse-Makers 4
Not the most involved story, but entertaining. Nice art, too.

Generations Captain Marvel Captain Mar-Vell
This was weird. I guess if I remembered more of the old Ms. Marvel book and had read the original Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell, I would have enjoyed this. The art was old-school. Somehow, Carol crosses paths with Mar-Vell before they officially met. In some alien realm. Or something. Overall, this didn't do much for me.

Superwoman 14
This seems to have crossed with something I don't read, but it was okay. I'd rather get back to Lana's emotional journey.

Astro City 47
Part one of G-Dog's origin. What's a good comic? This is a good comic!

Hawkeye 10
I'm really loving Kate as Hawkeye more than Clint, to be honest. She has so much energy. Which is why her friends should have realized the Kate they were hanging with this issue was an impostor.

Superman 30
Supes beats Parallax and Sinestro is miffed. This was okay, but I want to get back to Superman stories, not GL stories in this book.

Nightwing 28
This was fun. I like how Spyral is still part of Dick's life.

Green Arrow 30
This book continues to be one of DC's best. Lovely art, and a Mike Grell variant cover! Need I say more? Story-wise, Ollie is getting much closer to the real evil, with Hal's help.

Ms. Marvel 22
A good ending to the current story that is a reflection of real-world headlines. One of Marve's best books right now.

Flash 30
More about Barry's out-of-control powers, plus he learns about working as a team with his lab colleagues, but a new villain, Bloodwork, is a complication. Enjoyable.

Titans 15
The HIVE/Titan traitor storyline gets even more complicated. I have no idea where this is going, or what's going on with Wally. I hope this storyline is resolved soon.

Kill or be Killed 12
Brubaker is at his best in this psychological study of a serial killer who may or may not be haunted by an actual demon. To protect himself, Dylan ends up going after the head of the Russian mob in NYC. This can't end well.

Action 987
I don't normally read this Superman title, but I want to read "The Oz Effect" story and it kicks off with a shocker in this issue. Good stuff and some really nice art.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Len Wein RIP

I just read that Len Wein died. Comics have lost some great creators over the past few years and he was one of the greatest. He wrote some of my favorite comics. He co-created Swamp Thing. He was a creative genius, and from everything I've read, he was also a great guy. He will be missed.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Reviews Before New Comics

Oops, I'm falling behind again with reviews. There weren't many comics to read the last two weeks of August. Here's what I did read.

Flash 29
This is getting really intriguing. Barry and some other cops are investigating missing evidence, while Barry tries to deal with his newly destructive powers as the Flash. I look forward to seeing where this is going.

Saga 46
Poignant, as usual. I don't like discussing the story, itself, because you should read this for yourself. My favorite comic remains my favorite comic.

Black Magick 7
I would love this comic for Nicola Scott's amazingly realistic and beautiful art. Fortunately, she's illustrated Greg Rucka's words, so it's a win-win as witchcraft gets a modern-day treatment.

See? Not much at all.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Two Weeks

I think reviewing every two weeks is becoming the norm around here. Not my intention, but my procrastination is getting worse, it seems. Anyhow, here's what I read the past two weeks.

Superwoman 13
A flashback story to Lana, Clark, and Lex's youth in Smallville. The new creative team has kept up the quality on this book.

Flash 28
Thing are a real mess for Barry right now, and they're looking to get worse. This Rebirth title has been a wild ride so far, and I'm enjoying it.

Gotham Academy Second Semester 12: The Final Issue
A satisfying conclusion to the overall story and a nice resolution of Olive's predicament. I'm going to miss this. I hope they do a third semester book at some point in the future.

Ms. Marvel 21
Some scary parallels to the current political climate in the US and elsewhere. This manages to be topical while still being entertaining.

Titans 14
This book isn't the great title I'd been hoping for, but it's just good enough for me to keep reading it. I just wish, though, that writers of this team would stop having them bickering and remember that they're at their best when they're a family. Okay, a family that bickers sometimes, but still....

Superman 29
A Green Lantern story without a Green Lantern. Not bad, but not as good as this book has been. I'll keep an open mind, though, til the story concludes.

Nightwing 27
I love how Spyral has been worked into the current reality. And what's going on with Tiger and why is he trying to kill Dick, and Helena? I love the intrigue.

Green Arrow 29
This book remains one of my favorite Rebirth titles. The art is stunning and the writing is tight and full of intrigue as Ollie crosses paths with Batman, which is just what you think it would be like.

Wonder Woman 28
The post-Rucka Rebirth era has been a big disappointment for me. An assassin is still after Etta and I don't care. And the art is meh after Sharp and Scott's work on the book with Rucka. What's really bad is that nothing is really happening, certainly no character development.

Super Sons 7
Jon gets to go on a mission with the Teen Titans, which is as cool as it sounds.

Astro City 46
Background story for the mysterious narrator. I love this book so much.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Time Flies

I didn't post reviews last week, despite reading my comics in a timely fashion, because there were so few of them. So, here's the past two weeks' worth, which is becoming the norm around here.

Flash 27
The Rebirth version of Reverse Flash has been quite entertaining. Thawne's obsession with Barry comes to a head, with Iris caught in the middle, but she's no victim here, but someone with her own agency. This has been an emotionally complex storyline and I can't wait to see where the book goes next.

Wonder Woman 27
After Rucka's run, this has been a big disappointment. The conclusion (?) to last issue's somewhat intriguing first chapter turns out to be a run-of-the-mill story about a doctor who wanted Diana's powers. The story is dull and the art too cartoonish, not after Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott's art on Rucka's run and having Diana up on the big screen, finally. She deserves realistic art, art that shows her muscles, her athleticism, her real-ness. This isn't it.

Saga 45
Turns out that Alana is psychically projecting her dead fetus as a young boy and Hazel is enjoying having a brother, even if he isn't real. Somehow, Vaughn and Staples make this feel all-too-painfully real. Saga defies description; it needs to be experienced.

Green Arrow 28
Ollie traces the bad guys' tech to LexCorp, but Lex is as much a target as Queen Industries was. I have to say I'm enjoying Lex as a quasi-hero/arrogant billionaire much more than when he was simply Superman's most famous villain.

Nightwing 26
Huntress shows up and it looks like Spyral is mixed up in the evil organization Dick is investigating. Meanwhile, Shawn might be turning back to the dark side. Plus, Dick takes a steamy shower in the opening scene. :D

Superman 28
I got misty-eyed reading this concluding chapter of the Kent family vacation to see historical sites. This time, it's Washington DC. This is everything that's good about Superman comics.

Hawkeye 9
Kate gets into the fight of her life in a fight club while trying to rescue the father of her latest client. I'm really enjoying this. Kate's narration is a breath of fresh air.

Ghost Station Zero 1
I really enjoyed the first Codename: Baboushka: The Conclave of Death, so I gave this a try. So far, I'm loving it. The art is a bit cartoonish, but also nice and breezy and Baboushka is a fun action hero, albeit reluctantly. Lots of action with a strong female character. I hadn't realized writer Antony Johnston co-wrote the graphic novel the new movie "Atomic Blonde" was based on, which now makes me want to see that movie even more than I did once I saw the preview.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Eight Comics

A real mix this week.

Ms. Marvel 20
Somehow, this storyline focusing on citizens turning against Ms. Marvel and their suspicion of powered beings is scarier than any super-powered menace Kamala has faced so far. The parallels with real life give this book an extra impact.

Super Sons 6
Jon meets the Teen Titans. It doesn't go well. Fun.

Nightwing 25
Dick survives a multi-pronged attack, but his love life takes a hit. I really like him and Shawn as a couple, so I hope they can work things out, but I suspect there's an editorial mandate to keep him single.

Superman 27
The Kent family goes on vacation to visit important locations in the US and we all get a history lesson. I love this.

Green Arrow 27
Wonder Woman guest stars and it's as good as it sounds. Every comic should feature a guest visit from Diana.

Descender 22
The battle between robots and humans heats up and it looks like the humans are suffering the most casualties. A strong take on the humans vs. AIs storyline.

The WildStorm 6
The exposition issue, mostly, where characters explain the universe to us by filling in other characters. I'm really enjoying this version of the Wildstorm universe.

Batwoman 5
A flashback story, beautifully illustrated. I'm getting used to the newish origin for Kate as Batwoman. I don't love it like the original, because that Kate was better trained and more assured when she put on the costume, but this is a pretty good comic.