Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Catchng Up with the Green Guys

Ever since I got burned by George Perez' never-finished Crimson Plague, I try to wait til I have an entire mini or maxi-series before reading it. In recent months, I've fallen behind. Yesterday, I caught up with Green Lantern, reading Rebirth and the first 3 books in the new ongoing series. All I can say is, Wow. If you need someone to resurrect a character, Geoff Johns is the writer for it.

There was a nice logic to how Hal Jordan was restored as a GL and why he'd been Parallax. That whole Parallax thing was when I wasn't reading comics, so I was an easy audience for any explanation that sounded good and this did. Tying it all into the weakness to the color yellow was a neat touch.

Guy wasn't as obnoxious as usual and I actually cared about him. He sure isn't the character he was when he first appeared back in the '60s, but I've accepted his makeover after Crisis. At least, they're using him. John Stewart was also nicely used and it was great that Ollie/Green Arrow was included. Batman was, well, Batman, as insufferable as always or at least as insufferable as he's been the past decade.

The series got off to a nice start and I'm looking forward to Hal's new adventures and boy, it sure feels great to say that.


  1. I’ve been dying to comment on this post, but wanted to see everybody else’s thoughts on the “green guys”, but guess I’m up to batJ

    #1 I def know what u mean about being “burned out” by series that were never finished. As a fellow comic reader, I def feel ur pain.
    I’ve been a victim of the hated, notorious Rob Liefeld for YEARS….
    I mean, not only does he have uncompleted comic series, but a few companies he’s started and let crumble as well.
    WHY do I still follow the guy….eeeh…..that’s a story for another day…lol

    #2 u finally got around to GL:Rebirth….the now, modern classic.
    I wish u had read it earlier, but I’m just glad u enjoyed it as much as a lot of us didJ
    (of course, like always, there ARE tons of critics out there, but when are there not?)

    #3 Geoff Johns is one of my FAVORITE writers(I may even stop reading Flash, now that he’s goneL)
    U got a problem….give it to Johns, he’ll find a way to “fix” it.

    The new GL series is also pretty cool. I luv GL’s first adversary. CLASSIC, and renewed, and we def have not seen the last of them…………..oooooh yea……luv it.

    #4 As for all the other GLs….
    Well, as for Guy, read the Omac Project, I think u’ll be surprised how obnoxious they made him. In fact, it was a little too exaggerated for me….well, u’ll decided for urself.

    I also liked how they portrayed John Stewart(with the respect they show him on the JLA Unlimited cartoon)
    Kilowog is also getting good treatment as well.
    But the one GL that I’m worried about these days, that u may not care too much about is Kyle Raynor but I’ll leave that for another day(check him out in Rann/Thanagar War).

    Well, till next time,
    "…Let those who worship evil's might, BEWARE MY POWER...
    Green Lantern's Light!"

  2. Hi, H!

    It's been hard keeping up lately because a lot of the mini-series have been ending around the same time, and I've got a giant stack to get thru.

    I have been reading OMAC and have been loving it, but I'm waiting until it's over to comment on it. But I really don't like Guy being so obnoxious. He'll always be the guy I first met in the old GL comic back in the '60s.

    Next up, mini-series wise, is Adam Strange, then the Rann/Thanagar War. :)

  3. oh, i LOVED the Adam Strange mini....
    it made the character so cool!!!

    i got a lot to say about Adam...
    but u'll see.....