Sunday, August 28, 2005

Some Quickie Reviews

Got some comics read this afternoon, so here are my thoughts on them. I should say flat out that I'm an easy reader. I suspend my disbelief as soon as I start reading and it takes a lot of errors or poor writing to pull me out of a story. If you're looking for critical analysis, you won't find it here. What you will find is what I like and why and what I don't like and why not.

Second story in a continuing arc. Stunning cover by Adam Hughes and nice interior art by Pete Woods. The style's a bit different than the nice pulp look of Darwyn Cooke when the book rebooted, but I like it better than what we've had for a while. Given we haven't gotten the whole story yet, I can't say much for Will Pfeifer's writing. His pacing seems fine and this is obviously designed to keep up continuity with the Bat books, with Hush as the guest villain.

This is part of an intriguing story arc that steps back a bit and almost feels like a filler issue. In this case, that's fine, because the story is a nice character piece that establishes Charlie "Golden Eagle" Parker's true place in the current continuity and gives him a nice connection to Hawkman. Of course, with Hawkman currently dead, that poses problems. I haven't been impressed with the covers for a while, but the interior art by Joe Bennett and Ruy Jose is nice. Charlie as Hawkman looks impossibly muscular at the end, but that's fine by me. Fanboys get their crotch and boobs shots; we fangirls are entitled to rippling muscles. I wouldn't mind some nice butt shots, either.

JSA 76
I'm still loving this book. I started reading it when Hawkman came back from the dead, which brings up a minor problem for me. With DC going for tighter continuity between and among its books, having Carter currently dead in his own book and alive and active in JSA is a bit unsettling. I don't know what the timing is supposed to be. The cover here is stunning. I rarely have not loved a JSA cover. Lopez and Blanco are also maintaining the high quality I've come to expect of the interior art. These characters are drawn to look like real people. Sometimes, they look as if they could walk off the page. Very cool.

The story is also part of a continuing storyline, but with an OMAC Project tie-in plotline and a few other threads from earlier stories all vying for attention, the book has a bit of a disjointed, let's catch up with all these bits of continuity feel to it. While I love the idea of continuity across the titles, that can sometimes hurt individual stories. But since this is a developing story, as a chapter it works well enough and I trust this book to bring things to a satisfying conclusion whenever that comes. Geoff Johns is one of DC's best writers today.

I started reading this book when it rebooted after reading the entire first issue excerpt in Wizard and being blown away by the writing and art. Logan sans spandex became a very real character to me. I had never read much Marvel superhero books, but I knew who the character was. The X-Men movie is where I first came to adore Wolverine as a character and I have to admit, I see him as Hugh Jackman in my mind even now. I wasn't sure I would continue with the book once the new team took over and Logan donned the Wolverine garb again, but one of the managers at the comic book store I shop in told me to give it a try, so I continued buying it and I'm glad I did.

The art isn't as nice as previously, but it's easy enough on the eyes and certainly, easy to follow. The just-concluded 6-part story was furious and fast-paced and full of action, yet had room for the human element. The last few pages showed the toll the battle with Hydra, the dying and brainwashing, had taken on Logan. Nicely done. I'll be sticking around for more.


  1. Anonymous3:04 AM EDT

    I read Wolverine 31,

    what a ride, right?

    I was first introduced to Wolverine back in the 90s when I started to collect comics.
    I can't really say I followed his solo exploits too often.....

    But i recently hopped on to the previous story arc- ENEMY OF THE STATE, and i have to say, I was NOT disappointed.
    After seeing the state that Wolverine was left in after such a grueling 6 was VERY difficult NOT to pick up the following arc- "AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D."

    I mean, it was obvious Wolverine meant business after going through all he went through at the hands of his adversaries.....

    now, the creative team was just great. I mean, Millar knows "hardcore" action.
    There were scenes though, in which I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, Wolverine was chopping people up left and right.
    It was like a scene out of "Kill Bill," Millar actually kept a body count through out the
    but overall, I think the book was well written. I mean, it was fast paced, and action packed to the core...but it was the story line that helped bring all these elements 2gether.

    Ok, now the art...hmmm....
    John Romita Jr. is a tuff one for me.
    I consider him an enigma of sorts.
    He's def one of those artists with his own distinct style....I mean, u can never mistake his art for anybody else's.....
    but is his art good?

    I don't think he's one of the best artists out there, yet, he's one of comic's classics in a sense.
    I mean, EVERYBODY knows John Romita Jr.

    Every time I see he's doing a book, i get unhappy, yet, when I actually read the book, his art ALWAYS seems to compliment the story.
    I don't know HOW he does it, but sum how u 4get about how simple his art looks, or how different it appears.....
    it just fits.
    just like in Wolverine.
    his action sequences flowed so well with the words, that I 4got how much i tend to avoid his art at times...
    anyway, maybe I should say something about the

    It was the last issue....and it was EVERYTHING it built us up for.
    The long awaited, final battle with the Gorgon REALLY pushed Wolverine beyond his limits, something that I do not feel we get to see often when it comes to Wolverine, him being the best at what he does, and all.
    So I really have to thank Millar for that.

    Even the final blow by Wolverine was amazing, because I really couldn't figure out how Logan was going to find his way out of this mess. I loved it.

    Now, will I be back for the next issue?

    Lets see what it'll be about, it's really not my plan to return, but hey,
    I'm a sucker for a good story anytime:)

  2. I know what you mean about Romita's art. Janson, btw, is one of my favorite inkers. I think his art has emotion to it, even with its stylized look.