Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Birds of Prey 87

Wow, the 100th issue of this book is approaching. When it first started, some folks doubted a book about female characters only moderately known would be viable. But for me, it's one of DC's best books and has only improved since Gail Simone started writing it. Her love for the characters shows as much as her considerable writing skills.

In this issue, the stakes are raised as another story arc begins. Calculator is on Oracle's trail, Luther's in the mix, and the dialogue and action sizzle. The art by Bennett & Barrows and Jadson & Riggs continues in the fine tradition of making the Birds look good as well as real. The facial expressions for all the characters are most revealing.

The story is mostly setup, but it's well handled, hinting (in some cases broadly) of things to come. It's hard to review opening chapters in a larger story arc, so the most I can say is Gail has me eagerly awaiting the next issue. As usual.

I've read a few more but the reviews will have to wait because I'm too tired. Maybe over the next few days.

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