Friday, October 07, 2005

Quick Thoughts

Did some catching up reading this week.

JSA 78
Another stunning cover and nice interior art that combine to give the book a realistic feel. This continues to be one of the classiest looking books and I love the logo. The group gets serious about finding Jakeem and the Thunderbolt and we get to see the Thunderbolt's dimensional realm. I have to admit just seeing the name fifth dimension makes me smile, thinking of the music group. Sometimes, this title feels like it depicts a universe that really exists. Part 1 of 3, it adds enough plot threads to keep things perking, with Hector and Lyta off who knows where, the mystery of Jakeem's disappearance, and freed Mordru for the group to contend with.

Outsiders 29
This title is hanging on and I'm glad. Nightwing is gone, but Captain Marvel Jr. is on board. The group is trying to regroup after losing their HQ and their betrayal. Roy has something to prove (when does he not?), which makes him a perfect dupe for the Fearsome Five's latest plot. And in tying things together across DC's universe, the problems at the Rock of Eternity that caused Mordru's release in JSA 78 leads to an appearance of the Spectre here that occupies the Wizard Shazam long enough for the Seven Deadly Sins to get free so they can join with Sabbac and, well, a whole lot of bad is going on. The art by Matthew Clark and Art Thibert is both nice and edgy, giving the book the look it should have. No harsh lines making the characters look ugly, yet a lot of energy, sketchiness, and angles. The story is mostly setup, but it should lead to a strong payoff.

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy 4
Finally. It's been getting a bit confusing, reading things that seem to be set after this before this was in print. Gorgeous art, a return of a beloved character, what more can this fangirl want, especially now that I already have Kara Supergirl back. The quick review by Donna of her many pasts doesn't jibe perfectly with the comics I recall reading, but nothing ever will, post-Crisis, and it all makes some sort of sense, which given her background, is saying a lot. But if for nothing else, this book was wroth reading for the scenes with Roy and Donna. Roy ready to die to keep her safe, Donna ready to do the same to keep him alive, and Coeus finally understanding what true love is. When he tells her, "So this is what love is. Sacrifice. You would give you rlife for this man, as he would for you. A lesson we have failed to learn over and over," then sacrifices himself to stop his fellow Titans of Myth, he shows how much he learned, and Donna knows. The nice panels of Donna holding Roy, and the one when she tells him to shut up, then kisses him gave me a real thrill, as did her reunion with Diana. The stage is now set for Infinite Crisis and just in time, with the first issue of that due out next week.

The OMAC Project 6
The conclusion of my favorite Infinite Crisis tie-in mini. Nice art, strong character bits, success that doesn't fully end the threat, this story also sets up the crisis to come. I had hoped for a more explosive type climax, however.

Batman & Robin 2
This next installment in this out-of-continuity series continues to be a surreal exploration of a more modern incarnation of Batman and Robin. Batman seems to be psychotic, Dick thinks the guy is nuts, and Frank Miller is keeping things hopping and this reader enthralled, waiting to see how Dick will ever learn to trust Batman or if he'll simply learn to work with him. Jim Lee's pencils, inked by Scott Williams, are stunning.

Wolverine 32
An obvious fill-in between story arcs by Mark Millar, this is much, much more as Millar's essay at the end explains. The spirit (pun intended) of Wil Eisner adds a dimension to this story set in a German concentration camp during WWII. Logan is one of the prisoners, one who doesn't speak and cannot die, but is fully capable of tormenting his torturers. A powerful story that probably would have stood out more if it wasn't part of an ongoing series.

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  1. Outsiders 29-
    1st, I am def enjoying the art very much.
    It's weird, cause this issue made me realize something-
    I know we're in an era in comics where the writing has become one of the most crucial factors for success, but the art is still VERY important.
    I say this because I've been feeling like Outsiders has been lacking in the art department recently, but this new art team has really helped me enjoy this book a lot more.

    as for the actual happenings in this issue-
    oh boy are the Outsiders in trouble.
    Right now, they are in such an unorganized, self-doubting state that I don’t think their ready for what’s about to hit them.
    And yes, they do have Captain Marvel Jr. now, but we don’t even know what consequences the death of Shazam will have on his powers, if any.

    The OMAC Project 6-
    GREAT series, especially after actually meeting Greg Rucka in Boston,
    But the ending could have been stronger, I think.
    Then again, all four mini-series are basically a set-up for the Crisis……so, in a set-up sense, it was a good job