Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Quick Reviews to Catch Up

I'll have to wait to write a review of the first issue of Infinite Crisis, but here are a few to tide you over.

Villains United 6: This Crisis mini was probably my favorite of the bunch, thanks mostly to Gail Simone's writing and a quirky cast of characters. The art was nice, too. The twist with the two Luthers, Catman's warning to Ollie at the end, all nice touches.

Hawkman 45: Nice ending to this story arc. Carter's "death" and resurrection had a plausible explaination and the cameos at the end of his friends and fellow heroes kept things in continuity. Golden Eagle's origin and true nature and motives were handled well and not at all what I'd expected. I had been worried about this story arc from the moment of Carter's death, so was pleased by how this turned out.

Green Arrow 55: Lots of action, but still, mostly setup for what's to come — Dr. Light's vengeance against Ollie. I can't wait. Oh, and the art was nice, too. I still miss Hester and Park, but the art we currently have is much better than what we got when they left the book.


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM EDT

    I read Infinite Crisis!!!, oooh boy....

    Villains United 6:

    2 Luthors really freaked me out...lol....
    but i WILL be keeping my eyes close to anything Luthor's up to these days, I'll tell u that much.

    As 4 Catman's warning, hehe, can't wait to see him more in the future.

    Hawkman 45:

    I LOVED this issue, I was telling my friend about it...
    Well, 1st of all, Golden Eagle's origin REALLY shocked me....can't say I really saw it coming.

    But what I really luved was the fight scene btwn Hawkman and Eagle, WOW.
    Talk about a beat down,
    Made me realize why Hawkman is often referred to as a barbarian with wings...lol....

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM EST

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  3. Found it, H. Thanks. :)

    I still haven't gotten to the Crisis comic. Got a bit caught up playing with icons and other graphics. Too many fun things to get addicted to.

    Glad you agree that Hawkman was great.