Thursday, January 26, 2006

Catwoman 51

There's always a thrill when "AH!" graces a cover. Hughes continues to outdo himself, especially on this book where he gets to show a protagonist who isn't pure of heart. The look in Selina's eyes, with the mascara running down her face (a nice touch) is just stunning. The realism of the cover art is a mismatch for the nice, but far more cartoonish art of Pete Woods inside.

As for the story, Pfeifer increases the pressure on Selina, as she struggles to come to terms with what was done to her, seeking answers from Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, pressure is placed on her when Slam is taken hostage and tortured, setting up an emotional rescue by his son. With the clock winding down on One Year Later, anything goes and next issue should be an exciting finish. Well, it better be. So, with the story still unfinished, I can say I'm enjoying it so far.

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