Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Catwoman 52

Computer problems again (damn thing rebooted in the midst of my first version of the previous post) and Blogger acting up (not letting me save what I had so far, but letting me publish it) made me decide to split up today's reviews.

Catwoman 52
By far the best I read tonight, though the night is still young enough for me to probably fit in Green Lantern 9. The cover is wonderful as usual, showing a very pissed off Selina. I could feel her anger and hatred. The interior art is a bit too cartoonish but nice, and in some panels, Selina looks wonderful. Peter Woods does manage to capture emotion in few lines. And this issue goes out with a bang prior to OYL, literally. Black Mask seriously underestimated his adversary. But then, he had no idea what Zatanna had done and recently undone to Selina. Still, she'd never been a killer, not in the stories I read over the years, but then again, she'd probably not been pushed this far, or this hard. She plays by different rules and while I would have liked her to be like Bruce in Bats 650, when he tells Jason he never killed Joker because it would be too easy and he couldn't cross that line, I was also glad there was no cop-out here. She vowed to do something and she did it. In a way, it was no worse than exterminating vermin. This is one of the books I'm most eager to read OYL. I can't wait.

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