Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two for Now

Was going to wait til I had more, but decided I should put these up.

Outsiders 33
Focus: The rescue of Mary Marvel, with some nice Captain Marvel Jr moments. The art was decent, except for the critter that seems to have attached itself to Roy's chin. Nice moments included Roy posing as Deathstroke, as seen last issue, too, a nice turnaround since Slade posed as Batman to dupe Roy at the start and throughout most of the series as Roy's secret snitch. Also Katana: "...But reflections don't breathe." I liked the look of concentration in her eyes in that panel. Last page: Roy and Grace talking. Roy: "...You were right about me having to sort out who I am, who I want to be." Just how many times will Roy be remaking himself? The preview panel below offers a clue for 1 Year Later. I'm just not sure what I think of it. One more month and I'll see it for real and can decide then. I'm hoping it'll be something I like. Roy is my fav comic book character, after all.

Green Lantern 8
Two Words: Neal. Adams. The alternate cover is such a throwback to the magic time of GL/GA. And was so nice to see. As for the story, I like how Ollie was the one to realize they were living a dream, Hal's dream for him. I was bugged that Roy wasn't part of it. It also made me think of when Gargoyle in the last Titans Series (the one before the new Teen Titans) got the team on an island and had them reliving their childhoods with everything happier, and it was Roy who snapped out of it when he realized things were too good. Roy and Ollie are very strong characters. Hal might have the stronger will, as Hal said, but Ollie is more planted in reality. The story was nice, nothing special, but a nice break after the the more intense previous arc.


  1. Anonymous9:31 PM EST

    I agree that Roy would have been a welcome addition, but I think they didn't include him because he wouldn't fit in the story. Assuming Ollie was married and stuck around for his family, he probably wouldn't have taken in Roy and it would make sense that Connor would have been Speedy. In fact, it's likely that the absence of Roy could have made Ollie realize that he was living in a fantasy world - although they used the fact that he left when Connor was born. Either would have worked, I think...

    By the way, good blog. I like to see your take on the books. I'd be interested if you read Y: the last man, Hellblazer, Fables, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, New Avengers, Ultimate Spiderman etc...

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi,

    Oh, I know Roy wasn't there for a reason, but he's my main guy in the DCU, so I'm always advocating for him. heh.

    And thanks for the good words. Unfortunately, I don't read the titles you named. Wolverine is the only Marvel I read, for ex. See my sidebar for my pull list, which I will updating as soon as I see what books I'll be reading after 1 Year Later starts.

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM EST

    On Outsiders, I'm hoping Roy gets himself finally sorted out OYL, too. And though it's unlikely, I'm also nursing the hope that Mary Marvel might get some quality panel-time in the book. I think MM has great potential.

  4. I agree about Mary Marvel. She has so much potential.