Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another Review Post

Sheesh, I need better titles for these posts. Spoilers? Maybe. Not much, tho.

JSA: Classified 8-9
I like the way this title focuses on only a couple/few characters at a time. This arc centered on Jay Garrick and Ted Grant, two old favs of mine. I love how their friendship shines in the story. The art was nice and this fit in well with the events of Infinite Crisis, forming a solid interlude. These are two old heroes who haven't forgotten what it means to be a hero. The art was, as usual, just fine.

Green Lantern 9
Batman guest stars and finally, if begrudgingly, admits he's glad Hal is back. Oh, and there was a story, too, and wonderful art, but it was the character bits that made this book worth reading.

Infinite Crisis 5
I hate that we're already getting OYL titles and this hasn't finished yet. It's a bit hard to follow with so many parts of the story happening on so many fronts with so many characters, but Geoff Johns and the art team prove equal to the juggling act. Some pages leap off the page, especially the one when Superman of Earth 2 holds the limp body of his Lois. His pain is obvious. I also loved how Wonder Woman looked. Even the older Diana Prince WW looked lovely. And I must admit to a pang of regret when the statues of the original Teen Titans are destroyed while Nightwing watches. And the two-page spread with all the Earths was neat. Here's hoping the final two issues come out soon and we can learn just how this Crisis ends.


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM EST

    I totally agree with your on the OYL... It spoils some of the plot lines..
    We know some characters will live, and sort of know what happens.. just by reading a OYL issue,, ie Outsiders OYL..
    The different timelines DCU wants us to follow,, IC, then 52 and OYL.
    Other then that, i am enjoying the I.C., we got 2 more issues, hopefully it wont be a forced ending..

  2. Outsiders is one of those books wherre I don't know where it's going OYL. My problem with it is no Arsenal.

    And a lot of things were spoiled before OYL books started to appear, via teasers and rumors.

    Since I long knew Ollie would be around, I knew he didn't die in the last issue of his book. What I don't know is is this the same Ollie or a different version?

    I'm enjoying this Crisis much more than the first. I still miss the multiverse. *sigh*