Friday, April 14, 2006

A Tale of Two Reviews

This time, reviews of 2 OYL books I liked a lot pre-OYL and am not sure about them now.

Green Arrow 61
Ollie saying: "You'd think someone with my ego and love of pontificating would have sought out politics sooner." Well, he did, back in the '70s (was it really that long ago? sheesh), even if he didn't succeed at it. Perhaps it was retconned out. I hate that. I hate that I have all these memories and have to pick through them to figure out what's what. (I hate wrestling with my cordless mouse that might be dying a slow death, but that's another story.)

I wish I could figure out why I'm not enjoying this book more. I should be wondering why Ollie didn't die after being at death's door in the pre-OYL issue, but he was up and around in Infinite Crisis, which confused the heck out of me and I can't help wondering if that was a different version of Ollie who did die and now we have this version after the Earths merger. I should be wondering where his family is? Where Conner and Mia and Roy are. But unlike some books, mostly Catwoman and Birds of Prey which have sparked my curiosity, this has left me uninvolved. The cliffhanger ending was nicely done and there are plenty of nfity bits. We've learned that GA was out of action the past year and the exchange between re: the hired hit on Ollie ("No, I believe the torture is coming gratis." "Nice.") was fun, but things seem a bit forced and emotionally distant for some reason I can't put my finger on. I love Ollie, but right now, I don't really care about him.

Nightwing 119
Another character I'm having trouble getting emotional about, and he's another I have a long history with and a lot of affection for. Unless they were standing still so I could see how long each NW's hair was, I couldn't tell them apart which made the scenes with both of them difficult to follow. So, Dick had an injury, it seems, that kept him out of his NW costume, and seems hard up for money. That doesn't sound right. I seem to recall an inheritance or fund that had been set up for him. It wasn't that long ago, so did he go through most of it already? Being mistaken for a male model is a cliche setup and the whole tone of the book feels as off as the mob storyline with "Crutches" felt pre-OYL. And the whole "2 Nightwings" is already stale, even with the angle of Jason killing and Nightwing, ie Dick's rep, getting the blame.

I could get into an analysis of his attraction to a redheaded model who looks a bit like Babs, but I just don't care enough for it to matter. I don't recognize this Dick Grayson at all, though there are moments when the Dick I know peeks out. The story is basically interesting, but I have yet to find a reason to care.


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM EDT

    I haven't read it, but my impression is that GA picks up One Year Later with Oliver Queen already in office as Mayor? That's too bad. Not only is there that other comic about a superheroic Mayor -- which means that anything done with this concept will suffer endless inevitable comparisons -- but they've cheated themselves of a whole rich vein of story possibilities by skipping over the fun part of politics: the campaign and the election. What a waste! I can see so many great story ideas in a comic book superhero version of The Candidate...

  2. Yeah, Ollie's just been sworn in. I suppose we might get some of the campaign in 52, but I'm not holding my breath.

  3. Anonymous10:23 PM EDT

    Nightwing's just...really disappointing. I mean, the guy has ten-fifteen years of experience by now. He shouldn't read so... I don't know.

    But that model thing was *ridiculous*.

  4. Yeah, disappointing is the word. I'll stick with NW for a while out of respect for the character and curiosity, but if things don't pick up by the summer, I'll likely drop it. And that's a damn shame.

  5. Anonymous8:57 PM EDT

    I can't say I disagree.