Saturday, April 08, 2006


The latest addition to my Action Figures family is the First Appearance Nightwing. Handsome fellow, ain't he? He also came with a nice little edition of Tales of the Teen Titans "The Judas Contract" Book 3, Dick's first appearance in the new outfit. It's a tad hard to read at that size, so fortunately, I still have the original plus the graphic novel formats.


  1. I liiiiiiikes.........

    I luv Nitewings........

    My latest addition was a Martian Manhunter last week....

    A JLA: CLassified by Ed McGuinness.

  2. I've previously resisted buying action figures because I feared I'd get carried away. But I love them, so I'm going to try to be ver-r-ry selective. :)

  3. Believe me,

    I know what u mean,

    either way, I just think it's kool that ur getting them, and like them so much....

    welcome to the club my friend:)

  4. heh, thanks.

    I sent you another pack of bags and boards on Thursday. Hope you get them ok. :)

  5. Wow, thats a really nice looking Nightwing! even has a face that isn't distorted. good addition to the collection to be sure.

  6. Isn't it though, Jay? I wouldn't have gotten it if I didn't like the face. I've passed on many DC figures because the faces are off or angry looking. heh

  7. Ooh, maybe your Nightwing can hang out with my Batgirl's!

  8. But of course. I really do prefer Dick with Babs. :)