Friday, April 07, 2006

Two Reviews

Infinite Crisis 6
As I said recently, this issue has stunning art. Superboy's death seemed preordained. There were some nice bits. As others have mentioned, the cameo of Swamp Thing's arm was a neat touch. The story didn't have any surprises, but was solid and sets up the final showdown with Superboy Prime.

A few time anomalies are really bugging me, though, not with the Crisis per se, but the whole time frame of the Crisis books. Many books ended pre-OYL in certain places that picked up nicely in the OYL issues, mainly Catwoman (in which Selina's actions at the end of the pre-OYL issue is clearly a factor OYL). Even books like Outsiders, which ended on a quiet note and picked up in the middle of something else, make sense. Except for that anomaly with Dick who as Nightwing in his book in no way is resembling the NW in Outsiders which presumably is the same time frame. But the book that has me completely confused is Green Arrow. We clearly saw him at death's door in his own series, yet in Infinite Crisis 6, he's alive and well and sharing a wonderful moment with Batman. Ditto Black Lightning who was in bad shape in GA's book and has a nice scene with Mr. Terrific here. Was that GA pre-OYL issue supposed to take place after Infinite Crisis 6? If so, it's not a good fit, but after makes no sense. For a series that has been so well thought out and executed, this stands out horribly and I can't see how or even if this will be explained in the OYL books or in 52. I hope I'm wrong.

The OMAC Project 1
Only one big development here, but it was a nice one. Sasha regains her humanity, more or less. And I must admit, I'm looking forward to Checkmate, a title I never read in its previous incarnation. This was a solid if uninspiring entry, and while reading it isn't necessary (Brother Eye crashed down in the mid-East, but was still active, but Sasha destroyed it and her metallic shell was cracked after saving her, so now you know all you need to know if you haven't read it), it wasn't a waste of time, either.

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