Thursday, June 15, 2006

Beware My Power

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Got this cool ring, for free, at my comic shop, Forbidden Planet, today. Fits perfectly. Of course, I would wear it on my right hand because my wedding ring is normally on my left, but I can't take photos one-handed with my left, so I switched the rings for photo purposes only.

Green Arrow 63
Ollie's finances, Deathstroke probably up to something because he gave up too easily (gee, ya think?), and Brick's met his match in some mysterious zombie-like beings. Still nothing about Ollie's family or clues about the year past.

52 Week Six
Political goings on that seems to tie in with Checkmate, which is pretty cool, and nice panel-time for Hal and John Stewart. Booster's only saving grace right now is that he's fun because I want to smack him upside the head for his shenanigans. And Black Adam is giving me a headache. Not my fav 52 ish, but pretty good. I love the cover. Donna's history lesson continues apace in the backup, no big deal there.

Nightwing 121
Make it stop! Well, I could stop the pain by dropping the book, but the curious masochist in me wants to see how this drek of a story arc will end. Then I think I'll drop the book because buying it translates to sales which translate to tacit approval and no way do I approve of how Bruce Jones is ruining this character. And the silly art isn't helping.


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM EDT

    If I had a ring like yours, I'd be flashing it all over the house in hopes of channeling some GL power! The cat would be scared.

  2. I'll settle for it cleaning the apartment for me. :)