Sunday, July 02, 2006

Calendar Pin-Ups

I found this calendar while cleaning out a cabinet and thought, wow, how cool. I wonder if I could sell this on eBay. So I searched eBay auctions for it, mainly completed ones, to see if anyone had auctioned it before and what they got, and I was stunned.

The two I found listed were of the calendar sealed in its original celophane. One was part of a lot that included 2 other calendars, a puzzle, a toy, and I think a couple of other things, and the whole lot went for less than 10 dollars as I recall (it was late last night and my memory is a bit suspect even when I've had sufficient sleep). I IMed a friend, and she was as shocked as I was.

The second calendar's auction was worse. Just the calendar, sealed in its packing, went for 99 cents!? Sheesh. This is a beautiful calendar. The illustrations are by Neal Adams and inked by Dick Giordano mostly, and Giordano did a few of his own for the interior. There is art everywhere in here, including the days of the week (clearly, it wasn't useful to actually write down your own events and reminders). The days are filled with such tidbits as birthdays of characters and anniversaries of events in the DCU as of 1976. Today, for ex, July 2nd, was the birthday of Tawky Tawny, the Talking Tiger. Yeah, I know. I got choked up when I saw that, too.

This is the sort of thing I wouldn't sell cheap, certainly not for a buck plus postage. I'm seriously decluttering and while I wouldn't mind keeping it as it's not too big, I wouldn't mind finding it a good home for a decent price. I could try it on eBay (I've been considering the lack of photos of the interior art hurt the earlier auctions) or I could try an auction here. Maybe everyone who wants this already has one. Who knows. It just seems criminal that mint condition editions of it went for pennies.

Anyway, here's July in celebration of the US Independence Day.

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