Thursday, June 22, 2006

More eBay

I was able to put up a few more items last night, including a Legion Outpost, the LSH fanzine, which was a must read for fans of the Legion. It's been fun looking back at that stuff. I was skimming the items so I could write good descriptions and ended up getting lost back in that time, back in the '70s when comics seemed to be the answer to everything. I was reading on average 40 comics a month back then. I'm not sure how I was able to afford it, or when I had time to read them, but I was much better caught up, reading-wise, than I am now. And it really has been fun refreshing my memory. The articles in Amazing World of DC Comics about the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie were especially poignant, and the articles on Wonder Woman and on Lynda Carter are timely now with Joss Whedon working on a Wonder Woman movie. The more times change, the more they really do seem to stay the same. Or at least cycle back on themselves. Or repeat endlessly. Something like that, anyway. I just wish I'd saved my Monster Times and a few other publications from back then, but they'd gotten badly yellowed and got tossed years ago. I still might uncover some other treasures I can part with as I dig deeper into the file cabinets and closets, so who knows. There is that big box of MAD magazines to still get to.

I don't have the space anymore for so much stuff and one thing about being in my 50s is that I'm decluttering at an accelerated rate. I've always weeded my collections and clothes, cleaning out my closets and getting rid of books I no longer want or won't ever read. I'd do that twice a year. Now, with eBay, I have a better option than tossing most of the stuff in the trash. I like knowing my treasures will find good homes.

But I ran out of time to get everything posted last night, so I hope to get the Cartoonist Profiles and the Hembeck collections up tonight. Meanwhile, you can check my items for sale here, if you're interested.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM EDT

    Omniverse? The Legion Outpost? Wait a minute -- I don't know how you're doing it, but you're selling MY collection! Who let you into my apartment?

    Also, those AWODCC issues look sorely underpriced. If you'd put a "Buy It Now" option on those, I'd have bought them from you already. I only have three issues of that -- not coincidentally including the JLA issue edited by the former editor of Omniverse and the LSH issue which was originally intended as a special issue of The Legion Outpost -- so at least I know those weren't pilfered from my collection. ;-)

  2. lol, rab. :)

    I know they're underpriced. I'm hoping for a bidding war. Actually, I didn't know what to put on them for a Buy It Now. If they don't sell this time, I might do that when I relist. I'd forgotten I even had them til I was cleaning out the back of a file cabinet. And I loved those publications. They were so much fun.

    But same as when I sold off 10 full longboxes of comics 12 or so years ago, there's only so much room in my apartment. Maybe part of your collection went through the multiverse and landed in mine. heh