Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mini Reviews

Hawkgirl 54
Not much new here. An epilogue of sorts for the just concluded, maybe, storyline and the start of a story that looks like a continuation. Hawkman back? Whassup? I'm not sure I care right now. I had high hopes for this book, but I'm having trouble seeing past the grimaces now. Not counting the weird facial expressions, the art is nice, but the story? I can't decide if it's okay or a waste of time.

Blue Beetle 5
Thickening plot, art that suits the character, and a fun read. Still, I wish this issue hadn't been as confusiong as it seemed to be. I'm hoping things get explained next issue.

JSA Classified 14
I like Stargirl and the idea of this story, but it had a very old, rather worn feel to it. I mean, when or where haven't we seen the "fight club" plotline?

Nightwing 122
There are no words. I won't attempt to find them. This monstrosity isn't worth the effort. The Dick Grayson in this book is as far from the character as any version could be.

Aquaman 43
I'm liking this book more and more. I really like this Arthur Curry, more than the original. His boyish innocence and his quick education is rather appealing. The art is nice and at least feels watery. Slowly, pieces of the puzzle are being filled in, connecting this Aquaman to the other. Just seeing Vulko was a treat, no matter what his form.

Birds of Prey 96
Another solid issue from one of my favorite titles. Nice art, Black Alice comes across as very real and conflicted as an alienated teen with incredible power. And the tribute to Ted Kord was wonderful and very moving. Sin's been a fun addition, though I can't help wondering about another little girl Dinah is supposed to be close to, Lian Harper. Yeah, I've got Roy and Lian on the brain. I wonder if the two girls would get along.

52 12
Gorgeous cover. Isis is a nice addition and helps round out Black Adam. Renee continues to be a painfully real character, an ex-cop who can't let go and can't overcome her weaknesses, so far. I liked the scene with Ralph and Cassie a lot, too. I know there are readers having problems with the pacing, but this is playing out very naturally for me and I love the feeling of real time to it, as if I'm watching it all happen. I feel close to the characters. And we get just enough plot development to keep us wanting more. Classic soap opera and I've always loved the format.

Justiice League of America 0
Everything a zero issue should be (did I really just type that?). Nice art throughout, with each style a good fit with the time frame. The back and forth in time, past to future, with the relationship of the big 3 the only consistent factor, worked well. The flashbacks were captured perfectly. Just enough is said about the past in some of the scenes for us to get the references, without sounding like we're being lectured (As you know, Bob...), and not enough is said of the future for us to obsess over. Sure, folks got married, but to whom is left open so we can come up with our own ideas and not have to rant about the poor choices used. Brad "Fanboy" Meltzer knows his stuff. You might not like everything he does, but I don't think you can argue that he doesn't respect his readers. This one was for us.

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