Saturday, July 22, 2006

Quick Takes

In no particular order.

Catwoman 57
Not even counting Adam Hughes's wonderful cover (I don't read Lone Wolf and Cub, but there was no missing this take-off of it), this was a great issue. The cover was just the icing that holds it all together. Selina is one fierce momma, showing she's perfectly capable of taking care of her baby while beating on the bad guys. The police quest for Black Mask's killer, Catwoman, moves into the spotlight, with Holly getting nabbed while in her Catwoman costume. Pfeifer takes what could have been simply a predictable plot turn and makes it exciting. This is one comic that for me makes a month seem like a long time.

Flash 2
Easier to follow than Flash 1. I enjoyed this, even though I don't like Bart. It says a lot about the book that I actually felt for him.

Atom 1
Intriguing. This book hit the ground running and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. I like that Ray is not forgotten. Ryan Choi seems like a fun character and it's always nice seeing some variety in a title character re: ethnicity. And I love how he had a prior relationship of sorts with Ray.

Green Lantern 12
I never read the Parallax stories, so this provided nice background and fits into continuity, which I always appreciate. Nice bits for Guy, too. The art was very nice.

52 10-11
I like how they're balancing the various storylines and characters. Kate Kane makes her Batwoman debut and Renee shows she's smart enough to realize who the new Batwoman is. I love Renee's narrative voice and I'm really enjoying this book.

Green Arrow 64
A serviceable story, nothing special. I do like Brick in his *new* role. They're supposed to get to what happened during the missing year, so I'm looking forward to that.

Supergirl 7
As a science fiction or fantasy type story, this is intriguing. As a superhero book, I'm not sure. I know I'm missing stuff because of the years I wasn't reading the DCU, but I'm still interested enough to want to see what happens. The payoff could be worth it, so I hope I'm not disappointed.

Shadowpact 3
I love these characters, but this first story could've been more interested, or at least, have had a more thrilling ending. Still, a pleasant diversion.

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