Monday, July 24, 2006

Roy Harper Gallery 1

I had to do it. I went through my short box (oh so much easier to handle than long boxes and they fit so nicely in the corner of the den) of Teen Titans/Titans/Roy Harper (Arsenal)/Outsiders comics and scanned in many of my favorite Roy panels. There were so many nice situations that would have been wonderful if drawn by other artists. Ah well. There were plenty of nice ones and this is the start of a brief series (okay, probably just 2 parts, unless I dig into the GAs or something) of ones that show Roy off what I love about Roy.

Teen Titans 19. What lovely form. Sure, he's a teen here, but I wasn't far off his age when I read this. Yum.

New Teen Titans 27. What a physique! George Perez did him justice, showing Roy's nicely muscled thighs and a tasteful view of his "package." Strong arms and a peek at his chest complete the look. And oh, the tightness of the costume.

Arsenal Mini-Series 1. I hadn't expected to like Rick Mays's take on Roy, but it really grew on me. He draws wonderfully expressive faces and look at those powerful arms! Yes, "Speedy" has definitely grown up.

Part 2 tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous12:39 AM EDT

    I am appalled at your.. *Stares at the pictures* Umm.. What was I objecting to?

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM EDT

    I.. I have so, so much love for you right now.

    Great pics of my favorite, fabulous archer-boy!

    ilyena_sylph on lj

  3. Isn't he wonderful? Part two will be posted tonight. Yum.